Latest Obama Fundraising Letter Asks Donors to Taunt Republicans When Donating (Possibly Illegally)

This one definitely does not go into the "how to persuade people that your cause is right" file.

Obama For America's latest attempt to beg people to contribute $3 to enter a drawing for a dinner with POTUS and FLOTUS has a pathetic, insufferable, punkish and privacy-invading twist, wherein you get the opportunity to tell a Republican acquaintance that you just gave money to the Obama campaign.

Here it is:




Just an aside, Julianna -- Someone putting up a Mitt Romney sign is probably not a conservative.

Geez, these people are more obsessed with birthers than the birthers.

Here's part of what you see if you follow the link:

ObamaGOPerInspired1211 ObamaGOPerInspired1211insts

Wow ... we're supposed to be impressed that someone gave three whole dollars to win a contest where the prize is a dinner with Barack and Michelle Obama.

I'm guessing that second prize is two dinners with Barack and Michelle Obama.

Also note that there is no reason to believe that the emails of those being taunted aren't being illegally collected for some other purpose. They certainly aren't being provided voluntarily by the taunted party. Where's the FTC when you need 'em?

If a Republican or conservative president or candidate did this, the press would properly be criticizing the utter boorishness and privacy invasion involved. As it is, expect stone silence, as was the case when Nancy Pelosi invoked the wonderfulness of the Occupy movement in a fundraising letter.

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