Bloomberg Spins Negative ObamaCare Poll Into Bad News for GOP

Gateway Pundit's Jim Hoft, who has been on quite a roll as of late, had the Media Bias Catch of the Day, Polling Division, this morning. Rush mentioned Hoft's post on his show this afternoon.

Jim compared the results of a Quinnipiac poll on ObamaCare to how Bloomberg reported the results. He first noted what Quinnipiac found:


Jim then asked, "So, how does the state-run media report this news?" Here's the answer:


Bloomberg's false fig leaf is this paragraph from Quinnipiac:

But Republicans get their lowest grades since Obama was elected on several measures:

  • Voters disapprove 64 - 25 percent of the way Republicans in Congress are doing their job, with 42 percent of Republican voters disapproving;
  • Only 29 percent think Republicans on Capitol Hill are acting in good faith;
  • Voters trust Obama more than Republicans 47 - 31 percent to handle health care;
  • Voters 53 - 25 percent have an unfavorable opinion of the Republican Party.

Only one of the items even relates to health care, and the question is in no way comparable to the one asked about a specific (well, as specific as he ever gets) Obama plan. About Obama, it says that "American voters oppose 47 - 40 percent President Barack Obama's health care reform plan." By any reasonable reading of this result in combination with the third bullet just noted, the most you could possibly conclude is that voters specifically don't like ObamaCare, but don't trust Republicans to do any better with the issue in general. That simply doesn't translate into "Voters Back Obama Over Republicans on Health Care" by any sane interpretation. The truth is that "Voters Back Republicans in Their Opposition to ObamaCare." Jim wrapped his post by asking, "Could the media be any more in the tank for these guys?" Only if they were on the government dole, Jim -- and that may be coming. Cross-posted at

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