'Trashing' of Sarah Palin Moving up the News Food Chain?

This isn't a so-called "newspaper of record," but the Post Chronicle is a recognized Google News source whose headquarters is in Metro New York and also has a Midwest Office.

One of its staff writers, Mitch Marconi, penned an item which appears as follows in the aforementioned Google News:


A picture of the actual article, which refers to quotes at a blog post that don't exist, follows (empty space at the original was eliminated):


There's only one problem, Mr. Marconi (actually more, but I'll get to them in a bit): Neither the words "trailer" or "trash" were anywhere to be found in the 74 comments at the blog post you referred to as of 6:10 p.m., let alone "trailer trash."

In other words, unless the blog proprietor deleted some comments, you're just making it up. And if it does transpire that comments were deleted because of poor taste, the blog proprietor is showing a greater sense of decorum than you clearly have.

Your fashion sense may need a little work too, sir. I'm no expert, but I did find lots of hoop earrings at places like Nieman Marcus and Bloomingdale's. Prices at Nieman Marcus are as high as $12,000. These stores will surely be pleased to know that you consider them to be trailer-trash hangouts.

As to that "trailer trash" appellation, Ms. Palin now has something in common with another woman the Obamacrats scorned.

If they keep this up, there will be No Demographic Left Unalienated.

I'm stifling an anger that can barely be contained. Who do people like Mr. Marconi think they are?

Mr. Marconi and the Post Chronicle should change the name of their cutesy column to Tattle Tail Tool.

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