More Biden Wiki Wackiness: A Whole Year Disappears

The Friday evening version of Joe Biden's Wikipedia entry remains firmly ensconced in a Firefox tab on my desktop, so it can be compared to its current form as Obama-Biden's busy bees brush it up. I'm doing comparisons as time allows, and there isn't much of it at the moment.

One thing is quickly obvious -- a section heading for a whole year has disappeared:


Amazing. Where did 2004 go?

You'll just loooooove what got moved to a different and less logical section of the entry, while the section "2004" went away (Note: I originally believed that the text in the "2004" section had been deleted; also see my comment below):


(The text was moved to an area before the section for the 1988 campaign. For reasons unknown, the entry now posits that Biden didn't "really" campaign in 2004, though evidence noted in my comment below indicates that he did.)

Joe Biden thought that John McCain would be perfectly qualified to be Veep on the Democratic ticket in 2004, and thus fit to serve as President if something should happen to John Kerry, his party's nominee.

Now we get to hear Joe Biden tell us why John McCain shouldn't be president.

It doesn't get much better than that.

Incidentally the two footnoted links in the 2004 picture both work (here and here).

But, "oddly enough," all that remains of the footnote relating to McCain is a headlined article at MSNBC with no text:

What are the odds that anyone in traditional media will take any interest in the ongoing whitewash? Or is it really possible that they're participating in it?

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