NewsBusters Podcast: Morning Mika Rips Fox News For Deciding Trump's NOT a Dictator

June 10th, 2024 8:22 PM

On 'Morning Joe,' Mika Brzezinski ripped Fox News for deciding Trump is not a dictator-in-waiting. He only joked with Sean Hannity about being a "dictator" on Day One. Trump is insane, she said, and "loves dictators and wants to be one." So you have to vote for Biden because only he "endorses democracy." 

“One on the right who promises to be a dictator, who promises to exact retribution on anybody who made him angry or held him accountable. And one on the left who, again, you may not agree with his policies and his legislation, even though he has accomplished more than most modern, if not all modern American presidents, he endorses democracy, agrees with democracy. He wants to preserve our democracy. There is the choice. We've heard it a million times.”

It's bad enough that Ronald Reagan sort of ended the Cold War, but even Bill Clinton and Barack Obama might have a beef. 

From there, Mika went on a tear against Fox News. 

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Yet on Fox News, I watched a segment about whether or not Trump would be a dictator. After running a number of soundbites of people concerned about things he has said, because he promises to do things that are like acts committed by a dictator or even says he will be one, and then some person on the right who says, there is no proof he said it. Then a soundbite of Sean Hannity asking him, would you be a dictator, Trump not answering the question, and then the host saying, "there, it's settled. He's not going to be a dictator, we'll be right back".

I have to say it, so many people are influenced by what they watch on Fox News, and they're not giving a clear picture. Yet, moving forward, is it not clear, the picture? Am I crazy? Because I have eyes. I see one person who doesn't seem at all sane, who love dictators and wants to be one, and another who is getting a little older but, quite frankly, doing quite well on the world stage under pretty tough circumstances. Answering questions on his own with no teleprompter and sounding just fine, thank you.

Finally, we discuss how the networks aided Biden by playing up how he'd visit a cemetery for American fighters in World War I in France that Trump allegedly skipped because he called American war dead "suckers" and "losers." That was the claim from The Atlantic magazine, which has showily endorsed Trump's opponents in the last two elections. ABC's press-secretary wannabe Mary Bruce concluded: "Trump denies ever saying that, but Biden often repeats the story an example of the stark differences between them." It doesn't matter if anyone can prove the comments were actually uttered. 

Enjoy the podcast below, or wherever you listen to podcasts.