Jon Karl Laughs When Both His Experts Dismiss GOP's Biden Impeachment Inquiry

March 4th, 2024 11:23 AM

ABC This Week co-host Jonathan Karl has written three books attacking Donald Trump, but he clearly has nothing in the works on the Biden family influence-peddling business. On his Sunday show, he spent five minutes discussing legal troubles for Trump, and only one minute at the end demanding his guests agree the House Republicans are getting nowhere in their impeachment inquiry. 

When he got the answers he wanted, Karl laughed.

Once again, ABC hid the fact that their Democrat guest was appointed as a federal prosecutor by President Obama, but the Trump guest worked for Trump. "To help us make sense of it all, we brought in some of our great legal minds, Preet Bharara, former U.S. Attorney for the state of New York, and Sarah Isgur, a former attorney under the Trump administration." This time, they didn't mention that Isgur now writes for The Dispatch, a passionately anti-Trump website. 

Karl told his guests they wouldn't have much time to comment on his contention that it  “seems like Republicans are not getting anywhere, to say the least, in their impeachment efforts."

When you're a Democrat, it's natural to say the Republicans aren't getting anywhere, but it was a closed hearing, so does Jon Karl actually know? 

KARL: Very quickly to both of you, Hunter Biden was on Capitol Hill testifying behind closed doors didn't take the Fifth Amendment even though he's facing multiple indictments. What's the bottom line on that case? Seems like Republicans are not getting anywhere to say the least in their impeachment efforts. Sarah?

ISGUR: They have not found what they need here, you know, it's sort of like with the Stormy Daniels hush money payment. Partisans on each side want everything they don't like to be illegal. Here we do have evidence of influence peddling, but that's not a crime if Joe Biden wasn't president or wasn't vice president when it happened, and here you have Hunter Biden looking very confident that what he did might have been slimy, but it wasn't illegal, and it doesn't implicate his father. Republicans have really yet to find what they need to move forward.

BHARARA: It’s a sideshow. It doesn’t matter, it’s a spectacle and I think we should move on. [Karl laughs]

Back in 2022, Jon Karl suggested that suddenly "massive investigations" were a waste of time (as opposed to the Pelosi-Picked Panel on January 6). He complained to Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin: “I'm hearing a lot, though, of talk about investigations, investigations into Hunter Biden, FBI, all things Anthony Fauci, Republicans talking about going, you know, all in if they take control of particularly the House,” Karl whined. “Is that really what you're campaigning on to have massive investigations?”

Most national journalists won't investigate the Bidens, and then they tell the Republicans they are pathetic and not getting anywhere when they try to do what the journalists refuse to do.