Biden Skipped a Super Bowl 'News' Interview, But Approved a Seth Meyers Love-In

February 26th, 2024 10:09 PM

President Biden once again has set aside any fraction of a journalist interview, selecting a comedian interview instead. Biden was in Manhattan on Monday, and in addition to another campaign fundraiser, he taped an interview with NBC's Seth Meyers to mark the 10th anniversary of his leftist hootenanny Late Night. Ten years ago, then-Vice President Biden was his second guest on his first show.

The Hill newspaper described it this way: "President Biden is staying up late, making an appearance on Late Night as the NBC show marks its 10th anniversary with Seth Meyers in the hosting chair." The show airs after midnight, but it is taped at 6:30 pm.

So let's get this straight: Biden couldn't subject himself to the rigorous questioning of someone like Obama donor Gayle King at CBS, because she might ask something about Hamas or Robert Hur's report. But Seth Meyers fits nicely on the saps list with Drew Barrymore and Conan O'Brien and Ryan Seacrest.

Biden traveled to New York last June for an on-site interview with MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace — and generated buzz by awkwardly walking off-set before the commercial break.

Like Nicolle's show, Seth's talk show is by Democrats, for Democrats. It's meant to be funny, but usually it's pompously knocking around the right-wingers. Alex Christy's studies found a Democrat-to-Republican politico guest count of 48 Democrats, zero Republicans. His first study was 21-0 and the second was 27-0.

In an interview with The Wrap, Meyers explained how loathing of Trump's election in 2016 shaped his show into what it is today: 

“I just felt so at a loss. I didn’t think it could happen, and I hated what it said about where we were at as a country,” he remembered. “Then I got to come in and be with my staff, all of whom were feeling equally miserable, and we got to do a show. I got to talk honestly about the way I felt.”

He said that show set the direction for Late Night going forward. “We thought we could be a sane voice to a sane world, and now the world is a little bit crazy and it’s made us crazy, too. But the formerly sane should have a nice place to hang out and talk about how crazy the world has been.”

These late-night "comedy" shows often look and sound more like Democrat precinct meetings.