SHAMELESS: New York Times Blames Trump, Republicans for the Border Crisis

January 28th, 2024 8:30 AM

The pro-Biden media display their chutzpah when they attempt to blame a former president for everything that's gone wrong at the border under President Biden. We're pointing out on social media that the amount has quadrupled under Biden, as he came into office and immediately dismantled Trump's border-control measures: 

New York Times congressional reporter Annie Karni provided Exhibit A in media chutzpah on Friday's front page. The headline: 

Trump Strengthens Grip on Capitol Hill as He Presses Toward Nomination

The former president’s opposition has all but killed the prospects for a bipartisan border deal, reflecting how his influence in Congress has grown as he gains ground in the Republican primary.

In Karni's narrative, Trump is the villain, pressing "inexperienced" House Speaker Mike Johnson into doing his will.

For months, Senate Republicans have been working with Democrats on a deal they have described as a once-in-a-generation opportunity for a conservative border security bill, and for weeks, they have hinted that they are tantalizingly close to an agreement.

Their timing could not be worse.

As former President Donald J. Trump moves closer to becoming his party's presidential nominee and Republican lawmakers consolidate behind him, he is wielding a heavier hand than any time since leaving office over his party's agenda in Congress. His vocal opposition to the emerging border compromise has all but killed the measure's chances in a divided Congress as he puts his own hard-line immigration policies once again at the center of his presidential campaign. 

Democrats are never "hardline" when they repeal the other party's "hardline" policies. It's always assumed to be the essence of moderation. Nowhere in this article is the notion that President Biden has the executive powers to toughen the border without Congress -- just as he used his executive powers right at the beginning to loosen Trump's border policies. The pollsters at Tipp Insights were amazed at this story: 

In short, we are gobsmacked by the Times's chutzpah for pinning the border situation on Trump. As far as laying the blame goes, the Times hit a new low by holding Trump accountable for not solving a crisis that the Democrats, led by President Biden, have allowed for three solid years to fester and cripple the nation.

What an irony that the Times and the media would attempt to shift voters' perceptions on this issue. Americans perceive Trump as stronger on immigration than Biden by a margin of 14 points.

This is the closest that Karni came to Biden's responsibilities, and it's not that close. It puts the notion of Biden's failure as a wild charge made by that hardliner Trump: 

Attacking Mr. Biden’s handling of the border is already a main plank of Mr. Trump’s campaign. He has accused Mr. Biden of instituting “open border” policies that allow terrorists and fentanyl to pour into the country, while vowing to build “even more wall” along the southern border. A Trump campaign ad claims that Mr. Biden’s immigration policies raise “the possibility of a Hamas attack” in the United States.

This is how Democrat papers write Democrat stories and expect everyone to accept it as the Objective Gospel.