TIME Promotes Lawsuit Stunt Against Biden, 'Complicit in Israel's Genocide'

January 26th, 2024 4:44 PM

The email newsletter from TIME.com had an inflammatory headline: "Lawsuit alleges Biden is complicit in Palestinian genocide." Isn't it surprising that a liberal media outlet would object to Trump mocking Biden tripping on a staircase, but they're find with accusations of genocide? The only acceptable criticism of Biden is from the left -- the radical, dishonest left in this case. 

The headline on the website is "The Stakes of the Lawsuit Alleging Biden is Complicit in Palestinian Genocide." Young reporter Solcyre Burga began: 

A federal court case filed against President Joe Biden and two U.S. cabinet officials for allegedly being complicit in Israel’s genocide against Gazans will move forward with a hearing on Friday.

The case, which names Biden, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin as defendants, was filed by Palestinian human rights groups and individuals with help from the nonprofit Center for Constitutional Rights.

Two things stick out: Israel's genocide is not "alleged," it's treated as a fact. Only America's complicity in genocide is "alleged." And the Center for Constitutional Rights is radical left, but is merely described as a "nonprofit." The lawsuit is "unusual," say the experts, because it's....a publicity stunt.

The lawsuit is unusual, experts say. “In the past, when such complaints have been filed with an American court, usually the courts tended to throw them out… because of issues of national security,” says George Washington University professor Michael Barnett. “That said, the fact that you have complaints filed in an American court brings attention to the very support that the U.S. continues to give to Israel.”

....Even if the court does decide to throw out the case, it could have political effects rather than legal ones. “What really matters is that you make noise, raise the attention and volume,” Barnett says. “You get the ability to stand in court, and register your overall concerns and make your case.”

And TIME.com is a willing participant in making noise against Israel. At least they let Biden spokesman John Kirby deny the G-word. No one notes the Palestinians were genocidal on October 7. The projection is obvious.

The stunts go on and on, from the Center for Constitutional Rights pinned tweet: