WashPost Religion Reporter Oozes Over Rob Reiner's 'God & Country' Documentary

January 14th, 2024 3:00 PM

Washington Post religion reporter Michelle Boorstein offered the typical left-wing propaganda in promoting Rob Reiner’s new documentary warning of “Christian nationalism” overwhelming democracy.

The goal of Reiner’s documentary God & Country, she said, “is to wake up churchgoing American Christians — who number in the many tens of millions — to the threat of anti-democratic religious extremism in the United States.”

Introducing an interview with Reiner and filmmaker Dan Partland, Boorstein oozed the film is “perhaps the first Hollywood-adjacent effort to make the term ‘Christian nationalism’ mainstream and to get Americans (specifically Christians) to engage in conversations about recent well-organized and well-funded efforts to officially merge church and state.”

Nowhere in this public-relations exercise is there any room for the notion that anyone opposes this argument. Nowhere is there any partisan or ideological label for Reiner or Partland. They’re not liberals or Democrats (Partland’s donated to Obama and Elizabeth Warren).  Instead, we’re told the Baptist Joint Committee, “which advocates for religious pluralism, organized the premiere at the Capitol.” The BJC doesn’t seem to be Baptist at all – it opposed crosses on government property and favored forcing bakers to make a wedding cake for gays. But the leftists who hate Trump are the “devout Christians.”

Partland said “The people who felt most passionately were devout Christians. I came at this from the perspective of someone who was deeply concerned about what’s going on in American democracy. And certainly had started to understand the danger of any religious nationalist movement to a democratic society. But what I learned from deeply devout people is that this presents a significant danger to the church itself.”

He acknowledged "Christian nationalism" doesn't sound negative: "I think the term is very problematic because it sounds pro-Christian and very patriotic. It doesn’t self-describe. The film takes time to explain … it’s actually not a faith at all, it’s a political ideology masquerading as a faith. And turns out it’s not very Christian and totally un-American."

A conservative Christian would turn that exactly around. Secular leftists like Rob Reiner and his pals are engaged in an exercise in a "political ideology masquerading as a faith" that's "not very Christian and totally un-American." The leftists never acknowledge the idea that conservative Christians have a reason to be alarmed about the culture with the ascent of "gender-affirming care" and "Drag Queen Story Hours." 

The Post reporter's interview with Reiner only included one challenging question, and it sounded like an internal debate among liberal Democrats: "Do you think [President] Biden is the right person to address this challenge? Do you wish someone else was running?"

This isn't tough for Reiner, who's a big Biden backer: "No, I think what he’s done is set the tone in 2020 when he talked about the soul of the nation. That theme is continuing, and he’s making the choice very clear. You can either choose democracy or you can choose this other way, which is authoritarianism, fascism.…He’s made it very clear [that] that is the fight that’s facing us. We’re definitely at a crossroads. And America is going to have to make the choice."

Reiner could find some Christian conservatives who sounded like democracy was not a supreme value, but it ends up smearing every other conservative Christian who simply would not vote for the Democrats (and "save democracy"). Not every orthodox Christian voter equals "fascist." Here's the trailer: