NewsBusters Podcast: The Red-Hot Republican Haters at PBS NewsHour

October 27th, 2023 10:27 PM

The P in PBS doesn't really stand for "Public." The PBS NewsHour hates the Republican half of the public, and finds it easy to put on guests that compare today's Trump Republicans with Hitler and the mass-murdering Nazis. On Tuesday, anchor Amna Nawaz promoted ex-Republican strategist Stuart Stevens and his nasty book finding these "parallels."

On the next night, they promoted the new book from their Friday night pundit David Brooks. The theme was all about kindness toward others, making them "feel seen" and respected. No one at PBS feels the need to show respect for Republicans. 

And yet they support using body counts from the White House, PBS reporter Laura Barron Lopez pestered the president about the Hamas body counts in Gaza, including 2,700 alleged dead children. She nudged him: "You've previously asked Netanyahu to minimize civilian casualties, do these numbers say to you that he's ignoring that message?" The NewsHour Twitter account happily shared that Hamas -- "the Gaza health ministry" -- made a list of the alleged dead people for reporters.

Barron Lopez also asked the president "House Republicans just elected Mike Johnson of Louisiana as the Speaker of the House. Johnson advocated conspiracy theories about voting machines and a rigged election in 2020...[I]f you win reelection in 2024, are you worried that a Speaker Johnson would, again, attempt to overturn the election?"

PBS anchor Geoff Bennett pressed Republican Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks of Iowa on the unanimous Republican vote: “Mike Johnson is more genial than Jim Jordan, but he's no less a hardliner. He is on the far right of the spectrum when it comes to issues like reproductive rights, same-sex marriage.”

Bennett hasn't described House Democrat leader Hakeem Jeffries as a "hardliner," or someone on the far left on the spectrum on abortion. In fact, when Bennett interviewed Jeffries on October 12, it was a bucket of softball questions, urging him to attack Republicans for ruining Biden's foreign policy goals. He didn't ask about Democrat embarrassments, from wads of cash and gold bricks found in the home of Sen. Bob Menendez to Rep. Rashida Tlaib refusing to denounce Hamas when asked by a Fox News reporter. He didn't even ask about radical Rep. Jamaal Bowman -- also of New York -- pulling a "FIRE" alarm to delay a shutdown bill and claiming it was to open a door.

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