NPR Spin: Trump's In Legal Danger, Bumbling Biden's Like the Second Coming of Jimmy Carter

August 20th, 2023 4:18 PM

Donald Trump and Joe Biden drew very different spins on NPR's Weekend Edition Saturday. In their "Week In Politics" segment, Trump was in grave peril from indictments, while Biden was the second coming of Jimmy Carter at Camp David. Having Asian leaders visit Maryland "elevates Joe Biden's presidency."

Anchor Scott Simon began: "The indictments keep coming. A grand jury in Fulton County, Georgia charged former President Donald Trump and 18 of his associates with a scheme to overturn the lawful results of the 2020 election in that state. Donald Trump now faces 91 criminal indictments in state and federal courts as he runs for president in 2024."

They just love the indictments, no matter how they wind up. They might fizzle or backfire. But for now, the prosecutor pile-on is grrreat.

Simon asked NPR political director Ron Elving if the Fani Willis indictment in Georgia (with so many people in it) will be delayed, and Elving noted Jack Smith wants a January 6 trial for Trump in January, and Fani Willis wanted a trial in March. "Now, both of those may be unrealistic, but they are a lot closer to reality than that suggestion you mentioned from Trump's lawyers. They want the most serious federal charges to wait until April of 2026, 2 1/2 years from now."

Next, Simon pounced on threats of violence from extreme Trump supporters: 

SIMON: And Fulton County Sheriff's Office is investigating threats made on far-right websites against individual grand jurors. As NPR has reported, their full names, ages, addresses also appeared on those sites. That sounds ominous.

ELVING: It does, indeed. And it augurs a season of harassment and possibly worse. The targets may be jurors or witnesses, others involved in the administration of criminal justice. This is a fundamental insult to the legal system. 

No one should be hassling jurors, but the liberals love painting the right as more violent (or potentially violent) than the left. Meanwhile, Simon portrayed Biden as some sort of historic peacemaker at Camp David: 

SIMON: Meanwhile, President Biden is hosting the leaders of Japan and South Korea at Camp David, the first time the president has invited foreign leaders there since he was inaugurated.

ELVING: That is right. It's the first time Camp David has been used for something like this since 2015. And in this case, we are creating and elevating this new tripartite relationship with these allies. But it's also great domestic politics for them in their respective home countries.

And it elevates Joe Biden's presidency to use this setting and this language for an agreement he can call, as they have, the Camp David Principles. Now, that recalls the Camp David Accords, the Middle East peace agreement between Israel and Egypt that was the highlight of Jimmy Carter's presidency all these years ago.

There was no space whatsoever on taxpayer-funded radio for Republican commentary or criticism of Joe Biden the Historic Figure as he bumbled through a press conference with the other leaders and left without shaking their hands. The president turned to walk off the stage, and his earpiece popped out of his ear and clanked on the podium. 

Lefties were upset with Hannity for making fun of an old man's health problems.