Laura Ingraham Takes On L.A. Times Piece on How Driving Is Now Racist

March 11th, 2023 2:22 PM

On Friday's The Ingraham Angle, Fox host Laura Ingraham began by taking on a Los Angeles Times article titled "How white and affluent drivers are polluting the air breathed by L.A.’s people of color." This was by Sammy Roth, an energy reporter -- not an editorial writer. White guilt never ends.

LAURA INGRAHAM: Now the list of what qualifies as racist grows by the day. Gas stoves, English grammar, mathematics, words like "master bedroom" and "field office" — nuh-uh, can't say them. And now we add to that automobiles and driving in general.

A new piece by Sammy Roth and the L.A. Times provides a window into the insanity that is the modern liberal mind. The piece, titled "How White and Affluent Drivers Are Polluting the Air Breathed by LA's People of Color," says that Mr. Roth is wracked by guilt for how he's driving on the 405 to the Valley, and it's not only growing his carbon footprint — he's fueling other racist outcomes as well.

He said, "I couldn't help but consider my own complicity while reading a new study from USC researchers." It found "that Angelenos who drive more tend to be exposed to less air pollution, and Angelenos who drive less tend to be exposed to more pollution."

...And this is obviously not about race, it's about poverty. And who's to blame for the generational poverty that has plagued minority neighborhoods in the United States? Liberals, of course, who thought that they could replace the nuclear family with big government, that's who. The fact is, their policies have failed Black America on everything from crime to the economy to education. So now all they can do is try to blame America itself. In the practice of racial grievance, this has become its own subspecialty.

Roth offered more mea-culpa passages (emphasis his): 

As a white guy who’s lived on L.A.’s Westside for most of my life, I’ve benefited from the region’s sordid history as well. Much as I try to do my part — taking the train a couple times a month, walking to local coffee shops and restaurants instead of driving across the city — there’s no question I contribute to the inequitable air pollution that Boeing’s study describes...

I realize it’s not on my shoulders alone to make up for a long history of racist housing policies and freeway construction. The same goes for you, if you’ve also benefited from that history. Finding ways to minimize and reverse ongoing inequities, while solving the climate crisis, is a project for all of society — government, industry and individuals alike.

It's quite obvious that part of Gavin Newsom's climate crackdown is coming from the "news" media like the Los Angeles Times. With enough white guilt, California can be the climate-crackdown lab for the other states to follow.