Confirmed: Jim Acosta Didn't Mention Democrat Stabbing Vegas Reporter In His Weekend Shows

September 14th, 2022 11:07 AM

A Nexis search of CNN transcripts confirms that weekend host Jim Acosta -- the man who repeatedly said Trump endangered the lives of reporters as he yelled at Trump in White House press conferences -- said zip, zilch, nada about a Democrat politician stabbing a reporter to death in Las Vegas on the hours he was anchoring over the weekend.

Acosta's 2019 memoir was titled The Enemy of the People: A Dangerous Time to Tell the Truth in America. In a 2018 panel discussion, he turned to a T-shirt that joked about hanging reporters:

We have to get through our minds, that that is un-American. We don’t kill journalists in this country. The moment that that happens, the moment that there’s a dead journalist on the side of the highway, because of the rhetoric coming out of the White House from the President of the United States, is a day that we become something less than the United States of America. Full stop. End of story.

So as long as there's a dead journalist stabbed by a Democrat, we haven't become something less than America. 

Acosta didn't take the weekend off. He was there on Saturday afternoon talking about the popularity of abortions with disgraced Sen. Al Franken: "Al, I have to warn you, you know, anti-abortion activists have been compared to the dog that caught the car with the Dobbs decision. And you have to wonder whether the dog is going to get run over now. Because it looks to be the case in state after state, voters are going to be showing up at the polls in droves to make their voices heard on this."

He was there on Sunday afternoon taking after Rep. Louis Gohmert for giving a flag flown over the Capitol to Simone Gold, a promoter of COVID alternative cures who served time in prison for parading inside the Capitol on January 6. That matches the Acosta narrative. A Democrat acting like O.J. Simpson and viciously stabbing a reporter to death somehow escaped his attention. 

After Las Vegas Review-Journal investigative reporter Jeff German was stabbed to death and enraged Democrat county official Robert Telles was taken into custody for the murder, the Nexis search showed 11 CNN results for "Las Vegas" and "German," although a few of them were anchor briefs in the middle of the night. Only three stories mentioned in passing that the murder suspect was a Democrat. It wasn't the dominant theme. 

On New Day on September 8, reporter Josh Campbell first mentioned "We're also hearing outrage at the possibility that a local Democratic politician may be to blame."

On the September 10 CNN Newsroom program at 8 pm, reporter Ed Lavandera threw in "Telles had denied the accusations raised in German's reporting, but this summer lost his Democratic primary bid to get re- elected." 

PS: On his Twitter account, Acosta has largely kept to his anti-Trump, anti-conservative bent. There was a retweet on the stabbing death....which didn't mention the Democrats.