WashPost 'Fact Checkers' Now Fighting with 'RNC Research' Twitter

July 24th, 2022 8:39 AM

In the Trump era, the Washington Post 'Fact Checker' squad kept a gaudy list of President Trump's "lies and false statements" and even put together a book titled Donald Trump and His Assault on Truth. But under Biden? The same squad is rushing to Biden's defense, most recently in attacking the "RNC Research" account on Twitter.

On July 15, their Digital Video Editor Adriana Usero demonstrated how hypersensitive they could be in an article (with video) titled "RNC’s Biden ‘cheap fake’ paints a misleading picture of mental fitness."

The RNC team showed just seven seconds of Biden in the Mideast asking "What am I doing now?" Usero complained this "shows just how easy it is to pick apart a seemingly innocuous moment and imbue it with disingenuous meaning."

Usero pointed out "High-profile leader-to-leader diplomatic visits are especially detail-oriented, with an eye toward striking visuals for the cameras." So it's okay for the White House press shop and advance team to micro-manage Biden's arrival for "striking visuals," but it's wrong to make fun of it. Usero sounds partisan as she explained "the visit is expected to test his deep foreign policy acumen."

Then there's the more recent case of Biden loosely talking about how he got cancer in Delaware. On July 20, Post "Fact Checker" chief Glenn Kessler turned feisty against the RNC for merely doing a spit-take and asking if Biden just said he had cancer. There's no "fact" asserted in the tweet: 

He didn't flinch at the president clumsily implying he currently has cancer. Kessler didn't explain how Big Oil in Delaware gave Biden skin cancers before he was president. He just hands out the White House medical press release for everyone.

Sister Toldjah at RedState offered the "Sad Trombone" update, pointed out that Townhall embarrassed him, and he had to take the L.

Regardless, the White House used Kessler’s tweet as an explainer for what Biden supposedly meant, which backfired on both them and Kessler when Kessler later caught wind – via Townhall.com editor Katie Pavlich – of the fact that Biden has told this story before, except in the prior story he claimed it was asthma he got from the oil-slicked windshield, not cancer:

If Kessler weren't such a knee-jerk defender of Biden and the Democrats, he might have looked into this (or put Usero on it) instead of assuming the RNC is always wrong.