'Fact Checkers' Take the Week Off on 'Whips' at Border; PolitiFact Spins Around It

September 25th, 2021 7:16 AM

Joe Wulfsohn at Fox News reported the "fact check" squads of the liberal media did not correct the Democrat/media claims that there were whips used by the Border Patrol against illegal Haitian immigrants at the southern borders. "None of the fact-checkers at The Washington Post, CNN, NBC News, The Associated Press, USA Today and Snopes addressed the 'whipping' claims, according to their web pages."

The Washington Post Fact Checker team gave Secretary of State Mike Pompeo "four Pinocchios" for a claim he made about money Iran received during the Obama administration, and "it's especially dismaying the former top U.S. diplomat repeats it on television." Virginia's Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin drew "two Pinocchios" for an "emotional" campaign ad that "features a victim complaining of McAuliffe's parole policies -- but her shooter has never been paroled." They worry someone might get the "wrong impression" about McAuliffe.

CNN's Daniel Dale was on vacation, but so were the rest at CNN's fact quibblers. 

The AP Fact Check team kept busy this week by debunking various social media posts that went viral, particularly those about vaccines. One report even came to President Joe Biden's defense, insisting a video of hecklers that interrupted his stumping for McAuliffe at a campaign event was "manipulated" to make it appear they were chanting "F--- Joe Biden." Nothing was dedicated to the controversy at the border.

USA Today, which was recently under fire for falsely claiming in a "fact check" that Biden didn't check his watch during a dignified transfer ceremony for service members killed in Afghanistan, published over a dozen other "fact checks," none of them about the events at the border. 

Instead, the paper tackled COVID and various viral memes, in addition to reporting, "Shouting profanity about the president is protected by the First Amendment, legal experts say."

Snopes additionally skipped the "whip" controversy, choosing to focus on Alice Cooper's pantie-wrapped "School's Out" album, Samuel Adams' new beer, and a satirical article about Chelsea Clinton being arrested for child trafficking. 

Liberal fact cops think no one can see “Delta Force Arrests Chelsea Clinton” or "Chelsea Clinton arrested for child trafficking" and quickly suspect it's garbage. 

PolitiFact never used their "Truth-O-Meter" rating. They did address the whips using their "step around" methods, the "Explainer" article. Amy Sherman demonstrated how they dance around the liberal lies. 

The images have drawn outrage from some Democratic politicians, immigration activists and civil rights leaders, and prompted the Department of Homeland Security to order an investigation into the Border Patrol agents’ actions. In particular, critics seized on allegations that border agents may have struck or used whips against the migrants, though those reports have been disputed. 

Oh, they admitted "The photographer Paul Ratje told PolitiFact (and everyone else) that he did not see the agent whip the migrant — he saw him grab him by the shirt as the horse’s reins dangled." But PolitiFact often skips a "False" or "Pants on Fire" rating for Democrats -- especially when the whole lot of them are lying.