Gutfeld on the Latest Poll: Media 'Slightly More Popular Than Chlamydia'

July 18th, 2021 10:11 AM

At the top of Thursday's top rated Gutfeld! on Fox News, host Greg Gutfeld had a little fun with the latest Gallup poll on confidence in the press. The numbers weren't good. 

GUTFELD: Twenty-one percent of respondents said they had a great deal of confidence in newspapers, which of course they get from reading [the comic strip] "Cathy." It was worse for T.V. news at 16 percent which was only slightly less hated than Congress at 12 percent.

But that's like being told you're only slightly more popular than chlamydia. This after a Reuters survey show the U.S. media ranked last among 46 countries when it comes to public trust. We even ranked behind Canada, and they don't even have electricity. So, do you think in industry witnessing a collapse in their trust might try to figure out why? But not the media, because their profit model is always pointing fingers.

So, it's impossible for them to implicate themselves. So, if the public is sick of their lies, well, then that's the public's fault. So, they just assumed they can smear Americans and push policies meant to punish them, it will still be here for them later. Now they're creating a narrative that a domestic 9/11 is just around the corner.

Gutfeld ran clips of Joy Behar mocking Republicans as stuck in the 1850s and ex-GOP strategist Stuart Stevens on MSNBC imagining a Republican-caused 9/11, and asked "So, what's it going to be you bozos? Are we terrorists, are we slave owners? Are we on the road to another civil war, or another 9/11? I'd say make up your mind, but you need minds to make up. And Joy and that freak can barely scrape four brain cells together."

Then he made an analogy for the media's terrible numbers on trust: 

GUTFELD: Now let's say you insert your name into the site's search engine and your weight comes up and it's way off base. You weigh 150 pounds, and it says 300. Immediately you learn this site is not to be trusted. And you worry that other people will search your name and be given the same bogus info about you. It's factually unreliable because you know the truth about your own weight. That, friends, is the red pill that exposes the media's fakery.

You don't know how wrong the media is until you're the subject of the article. It's like being a guy wrongly sentenced for a crime he didn't commit. Only he knows the truth. Once it's about you, then you can see the disconnect between reality and reporting. You become the world's greatest expert on bias because you're the world's greatest expert on the topic. You. Meanwhile, everyone else accepts the site's data because they aren't you.

But then that perspective changes when they see how their own reality is distorted by reporters who only want to find the ugliness.

Over his 30 years in media, Gutfeld said, he's learned something about reporters. "Their entire purpose is to slam their subject because in their world that's success. You don't win awards for doing a piece on Trump supporters that says wow, these people are decent Americans or even most Trump supporters are decent Americans. You find one that isn't and then you smear the rest. Anger and fear sells."