NEW NewsBusters Podcast: A Perfectly Partisan Easter Weekend on CBS 'News'

April 5th, 2021 7:04 PM

CBS had quite an Easter weekend. We might call it another "Fairness Is Overrated" Weekend. CBS "News" lurched from an embarrassing article that brazenly touted "3 ways companies can help fight Georgia's new restrictive election law" pandering to Hunter Biden and his slamming Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as a coronavirus exploiter. It was a perfectly partisan lineup.

CBS came under the gun even before 60 Minutes aired for deceptively editing out parts of the fight between CBS correspondent Sharyn Alfonsi and Gov. DeSantis. The silliest part of this piece is when Alfonsi seriously compares the vaccine rollout in Florida to....The Hunger Games. 

Does anyone think CBS would have been in Florida investigating vaccine distribution if Democrat Andrew Gillum had beaten DeSantis in 2018? Instead, Gillum was found naked and unconscious, aligned with a male sex worker and a stash of crystal meth. 60 Minutes didn't find that interesting. 

Hunter Biden drew two interviews on CBS, one with Tracy Smith on Sunday Morning and one with Anthony Mason for Monday's CBS This Morning. This doesn't count discussing the Tracy Smith interview on Friday's morning show. 

The timing here is blatantly self-interested. It’s news when the Bidens decide it is, when it’s time to cash in....with a Simon and Schuster book, a division of CBS. They announced this connection, but it still smells. It gave CBS every reason to squash the Hunter Biden story when the New York Post was dropping bombshells last fall. On Monday, it's the #9 best seller at Amazon.

Some recommended links to go along with this chat: My MRC Special Report on this show was Syrupy Minutes. Then there's the sleazy 60 Minutes story on the book Fortunate Son, where author J.H. Hatfield floated the wild allegation that George W. Bush was a cocaine dealer. Hatfield was exposed as a man convicted in 1988 of paying a hit man $5,000 to murder his former boss with a car bomb. 

But 60 Minutes actually posted this online: "Just because he lied to his editors about being a convicted felon isn't a good enough reason for those editors to doubt his book, in which he uses anonymous sources to accuse George W. Bush of covering up an arrest for cocaine when he was a young man."

The host of this segment was one Lesley Stahl, who last fall was telling Donald Trump there was no evidence on Hunter Biden's laptop that was worth investigating. 

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