HATE: Bill Maher on Amy Coney Barrett: 'She's a F---ing Nut! Really, Really Catholic'

September 26th, 2020 8:47 AM

HBO's sneering, bad-tempered atheist Bill Maher acted as expected on Friday night, mocking the effort to "fill the seat" on the Supreme Court. "Even the tea baggers are going 'That sounds gay,'" he joked. Then he called the reported nominee a "f---ing nut," unlike abortion enthusiast Ruth Bader Ginsburg. 

"Let the hate begin," our leader Brent Baker tweeted. 

“Apparently, the pick is going to be Amy Coney—we’re going to be saying the name a lot, because she’s a f---in’ nut! Religion, I was right about that one too,” said Maher. “ Amy Coney Barrett. Catholic. Really Catholic. I mean, really, really Catholic—like speaking in tongues. She doesn’t believe in condoms, which she has in common with Trump, because he doesn’t either. I remember that from Stormy Daniels.”

Maher then turned to the funny part of the much-touted 200,000 death count from coronavirus. "It's a rumor that the 200,000th dead was a big Trump fan and this is sweet, before she died, the Make a Wish Foundation brought her a black teenager to yell at."

Maher closed out the show by sneering at people who voted for a third-party candidate instead of Hillary Clinton, paving the way for President Trump. It was too bad people didn't select the "sane competent person" instead of the "malignant narcissist." That's funny, Bill Maher not recognizing he's a smirking "malignant narcissist."

Then he laid out that dream land where America was still in the Paris climate accords and Iran was still carefully observing a nuclear agreement. (This is what you believe when you donated $1 million to Obama's campaign in 2012.)  "There have been none of the rollbacks on clean air and water, Dreamers don't have to worry about getting tossed out of the only country they've ever known, William Barr is just a right wing crank self-publishing a book on our moral decline, and Brett Kavanaugh is drinking from home....And look, no nation as fundamentally unhealthy as this one could escape a pandemic unscathed, but I think Hillary would have done a little better than 'Let them drink bleach.'"

MAHER: The Supreme Court hears oral arguments to overturn Obamacare  on November 10th. Once this new justice is seated, Obamacare is likely gone, and after that, Roe vs. Wade. So I hope you enjoy carrying your rape baby to term, you can name it Jill Stein. [Laughter]

Yes, Joe Biden is far from a perfect candidate, and I have serious doubts they'll ever let him take office, but giving him a vote total so huge it will be hard to ignore is the very last Hail Mary pass we have.

We should say a reverent Hail Mary for the conversion of Bill Maher, but he would think we were a f---ing nut.