Megyn Kelly: Americans Will Figure Out Black Lives Matter Is a Harmful Radical Group

August 3rd, 2020 11:15 PM

Nick Arama at RedState pointed out the latest example of Megyn Kelly sounding like her old Fox News-hosting self on Twitter. 

On Sunday, Washington Examiner reporter Byron York displayed a picture of NBA players kneeling in front of a BLACK LIVES MATTER message on the court, and declared "Colin Kaepernick won. When he started, just one athlete refused to stand for national anthem. Now, just one athlete refuses to kneel during anthem. In course of weeks, a complete collapse of hallowed American ritual."

Kelly wasn't accepting that thesis. 

“Won what?” she replied. “A visual display that is based on misinformation re: police & the USA, past & present? Americans will figure out that BLM is an org that wants to dismantle the nuclear family, the justice system & the police syst[em] so critical to protecting Black lives, esp. women & kids.”

Arama lamented one reason BLM seems ascendant to many: "The media never calls out the misperceptions, such as that 'hands up, don’t shoot' about Michael Brown that kicked off the BLM and the Ferguson riots was a lie, it never happened and has been debunked. That Brown tried to take Officer Darren Wilson’s gun. That misperception continues to be stoked to cause division. And that’s just the start of the misinformation."

He said more people are becoming aware of the BLM agenda. "But the problem is that Democrats wouldn’t say anything about it. Not only wouldn’t they condemn the violence that has occurred, they wouldn’t even acknowledge it has occurred. Plus they’re acceding to all of the BLM agenda, pushing Democrats further left, acceding to insanity like defunding or abolishing the police as crime and violence shoots off into the stratosphere."

He concluded: "Kelly gets it, that she’s taken a look at their own mission statement, gets how radical they are, that she isn’t afraid to call them what they are. More, please."

PS: The Heritage Foundation's take is blunt: 

The goals of the Black Lives Matter organization go far beyond what most people think. But they are hiding in plain sight, there for the world to see, if only we read beyond the slogans and the innocuous-sounding media accounts of the movement.

The group’s radical Marxist agenda would supplant the basic building block of society—the family—with the state and destroy the economic system that has lifted more people from poverty than any other. Black lives, and all lives, would be harmed.

Theirs is a blueprint for misery, not justice. It must be rejected.