RARE: Chris Wallace Asks Biden Aide Why the COVID Double Standard on Large Lefty Protests?

June 22nd, 2020 6:37 AM

Here's a dramatic difference in network Sunday shows. Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace asked Biden spokesperson Symone Sanders why there's a double-standard, that mass street protests against the police aren't "super spreader" events. She denied there was a double standard!

Wallace began the show by asking a health expert if the Trump rally could be a super-spreader, and he began the Sanders interview by asking her to comment on the rally's lower-than-expected attendance. But he seems to be the only one questioning the dramatic hypocrisy on "super spreader" warnings. 

CHRIS WALLACE: I want to pick up though on this whole question of the public health of these mass gatherings, Symone, because when there were tens of thousands of people marching in the streets and, quite rightly, in protest for the death of George Floyd and the issues of police brutality, there were so many of them -- not maybe most, but many of them were not wearing masks. At that time the president called -- the vice president, Joe Biden, called those rallies right and necessary, with no mention of public health. I guess the question is, why the double standard where the protests were okay, but this rally was dangerous?

SYMONE SANDERS: Chris, there is no double standard here. Protesting is an American right. The American people have the right to go out and raise their voices.

The difference, obviously, is that Trump’s rally was organized by Trump, and the street protests were organized by someone other than Biden, and were presumed by journalists to be “organic” and have no leaders that needed to be held accountable for “super spreading” the virus.

When we do a search in our closed-captioning, the words “super spreader” have been applied almost exclusively to Trump’s Tulsa rally, underlining how the vast majority of the media are involved in incessant DNC messaging.  After letting Sanders spread her talking points, Wallace asked a second time:

WALLACE: By why didn't -- I guess what I'm asking though -- if I may, Symone, I just am asking this one question, why did the vice president -- because whether it was indoors or outdoors, whatever the reason for the gathering, there were thousands of people in the streets in these protests. Why didn't Vice President Biden say, look, I understand the concern, but these may be potential super-spreaders?

SANDERS: Chris, I just listened to your last segment where the doctor noted that there has -- there is no evidence that the protests are what have spiked coronavirus cases across the country. So I'm not sure what you're asking or what you're suggesting.

Actually, the doctor earlier in the show said it's too early to tell, that there's no evidence yet. 

No one wants the virus to spread from public gatherings, no matter which campaign is benefiting. But it's obvious the Biden-enabling press act like the virus skips over elbow-to-elbow left-wing protests.