Feminist on Jezebel: 'I Will Personally Be Thrilled If Stephen Miller Dies of Covid-19'

May 11th, 2020 7:20 AM

The "all you need is love" liberals had another breakdown on Friday night, when the sleazy feminist website Jezebel posted some hate speech titled "I Will Personally Be Thrilled If Stephen Miller Dies of Covid-19." Suddenly we're back in the territory when liberals "humorously" imagined Miller's severed head on a pole.

The hater in this case is named Molly Osberg, and the reason for this spleen-venting clickbait is that Miller's wife Katie, who also works at the White House for the vice president, has been infected with the coronavirus. Usually, Osberg's reporting on death is more like "What It's Like to Cross Louisiana's Coronavirus Checkpoints for an Abortion."

Senator Ted Cruz denounced this nasty stunt of an article on Twitter: 

Osberg's article is slightly less vicious than the headline.

Katie’s husband, of course, is Stephen Miller, the architect of the White House’s arcane immigration policy. The two married earlier this year. Trump is close enough to the couple to have attended the wedding. And while I am generally loathe [sic] to wish physical harm on those I disagree with, and while I do wish Katie a speedy recovery, I’m comfortable shedding whatever objectivity I have here to say I desperately hope Stephen Miller contracts covid-19.

This is the man who has spent his entire life pursuing the idea that America’s diversity is a disease; who laundered white nationalist talking points first through right-wing blogs and then wrote them into the now-President’s campaign speeches; who has been “obsessed” with the idea of “consequences” for immigrants; who “actually enjoys seeing those pictures at the border.” This is the person who relentlessly hammered the idea that the only punishment of consequence was to treat children as poorly as the law could possibly allow. If thousands of Americans, the vast majority of them black and Latinx, are going to die every day from the new coronavirus, Stephen Miller should absolutely get it too.

Osberg's last sentence about a "vast majority" of virus deaths are "black and Latinx" came without evidence. Her link goes to an article in The Atlantic where leftist Ibram X. Kendi complains there is no nationwide racial breakdown yet of coronavirus deaths. It is true that since the virus has hit much harder in the big cities, minorities have suffered disproportionately. But that's different math than a "vast majority" of Americans.