CNN Analyst: It's 'Ridiculous' Trump Thinks 'We're Rooting Against Him in This Crisis'

March 25th, 2020 11:28 PM

President Trump pushed back at CBS reporter Paula Reid on Wednesday when she pushed the usual "nonpartisan experts say you're all wrong" line on him. After the live briefing, CNN host Wolf Blitzer turned to in-house analysts Daniel Dale -- the "fact checker" -- and Gloria Borger. 

Dale didn't check any facts, lamely noticing that Trump can't have any rallies, but he repeats his catch phrases like "big beautiful wall." Thanks, genius.

Then Wolf Blitzer turned to Borger to lament the attack on those Nonpartisan Journalists. 

BLITZER: Gloria, you did hear during the course of the president's statement, his response to the questions. He went after the usual suspects, including the news media. 

BORGER: He went after the news media, making the point that, you know, we’d like to see them do poorly in the election, so we're rooting against him in this crisis, and that's so ridiculous. We should almost not even dignify it, honestly.

Borger then launched into the usual argument that Trump has to listen to "The Science," like Nancy Pelosi does. The "experts" are always arranged by the media against whatever Trump encourages. 

Borger should take this up with fellow CNN panelist Alexandra Rojas, who stipulated on the CNN set "millennials, we want Donald Trump to be defeated too. I think there is nobody here that does not want Donald Trump to be defeated.”

It's "so ridiculous" that Trump senses the media are hostile to him. Borger should reread what she said about his speech after impeachment failed. It was “an avalanche of grievance against everybody” that “was vindictive, as you pointed out, it was full of revenge, it was mean-spirited, it was poisonous, it was spiteful and it gave you a real look at the way he views the world, which is the bad and evil people.”