White House Reporter Tweets Contempt for Trump Wearing ‘USA’ Hat at Virus Briefing

March 14th, 2020 10:22 PM

For a bunch of people who still act outraged that anyone mocked Barack Obama wearing a tan suit in the briefing room, the liberals sure take offense every time they think President Trump has cheapened an occasion with a Trump hat. The president appeared with a navy blue cap that says "USA" at the open of Saturday's coronavirus briefing. The president spoke for about 15 minutes before handing it over to Vice President Pence.

The "USA" cap is Trump campaign merchandise, with a "45" on one side, a flag on the other, "TRUMP" in the back. Los Angeles Times White House reporter Chris Megerian signaled his disapproval on Twitter:

Twitchy noted Megerian received a bunch of replies from people who said the hat is great, and they might have to buy one, like Kevin Batts: "The whole time I was watching this I was thinking I have to get one of those hats. That thing is nice."

"Jim Shorts" tweeted at the reporter: 

Let me explain so maybe you will understand. USA stands for United States of America. Trump is the President of the USA. See how that works? 45 means he is the 45th President in USA history. Like if Gary Sanchez wore a NY Yankees hat at a press conference. SMDH

The Bradford File tweeted "BREAKING: The President of the United States wears "USA hat" and apparently loves America." 

Andi Show added "Los Angeles Times Fake News Reporter covering what the President is wearing instead of covering the content shared regarding a global pandemic".

Twitchy concluded: "The ratio on this tweet is astounding, but a few people are complaining that Trump is violating the Hatch Act by 'campaigning' while on official business. We’re pretty sure he just grabbed a hat and put it on. Plus it’s nice to see a president wear a flag pin for a change."

Just 45 minutes after the snarky hat tweet, Megerian was sneering at anyone suggesting the media were a pack of bickering partisans: