Paranoia: Bill Maher Predicts When Coronavirus Gets Bad, Trump Will 'Declare Martial Law'

February 29th, 2020 8:27 PM

The liberal cable-news experts decry Trump and his supporters for "unproven conspiracy theories" about malignant government forces, but they never seem to attack Bill Maher's unproven conspiracy theories. Maher has repeatedly suggested -- and did again Friday night -- that Trump won't leave the White House voluntarily if he loses in November. But he added a new twist, as the coronavirus outbreak builds panic in the populace. Maher predicted "he's going to declare martial law.

BILL MAHER: The latest Axios poll has Bernie losing to Trump, but closer than all the other Democrats, 47-50 nationally. He beats him in Pennsylvania by four. Look, all these pundits who I hear say things like Bernie will lose 45 states -- shut the fuck up! You don't know what the fuck you're talking about! [Applause] You never know, we never know -- you're the same people who said Trump wouldn't even get the nomination. You don't know!

....Bernie needs a revolution to show up. He needs people who have never voted before. Now they are not showing up in those numbers in the primary but we don't know. Now, since Trump, I think, is not going to leave anyway, might as well run Bernie -- [Laughter] -- He's not. He's not. And by the way, when the virus gets bad he's going to declare martial law. Watch that.

BUCK SEXTON: Oh my God -- 

MAHER: That could happen.That could totally happen. 

Sexton tried to engage Maher on his turf, suggesting that he tells his allies on the right that "there are parallels with Bernie Sanders now and Trump in 2016," with a divided establishment and a polarizing populist. 

Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne then cried hypocrisy, suggesting that those who are now rushing to Bernie's defense against the Democrat establishment (think Tucker Carlson, for example) will decry him as a horrible socialist the day after he accepts the nomination.