'So Amazing!' Katie Couric Gushes Over Bloomberg's Insults of Trump on Maher Show

February 15th, 2020 12:57 PM

On HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher, former NBC morning host and CBS evening anchor Katie Couric expressed amazement at Michael Bloomberg's insults against Donald Trump as a "carnival barking clown" and more.

Maher began: "Let me ask everybody about this race and Michael Bloomberg. First of all, he was insulting Trump the other day." Couric's eyes widen and she grinned that toothy grin and said "Oh my God, it was so amazing, wasn't it?" Maher's uber-lefty audience laughed along. Maher showed a video clip of Bloomberg, but Couric referred back to Bloomberg's tweets. 

Couric recounted "The best part of the tweet was, he said, we’re both from New York, we know the same people, behind your back people are calling you a — what did they say? — a carnival barking clown who inherited a ton of money but through stupid deals and incompetence lost it all, or something like that.” 

CNN's Van Jones marveled "She actually memorized the tweets!"

Couric jumped back in.

COURIC: No! No! Only because Trump is a heat-seeking missile. He can detect your vulnerabilities.

MAHER: A bully.

COURIC: And Bloomberg, I think, in that one tweet -- Donald Trump hates that his back was turned, his back was turned, that all the New York machers turned their back on him, and he was never quite accepted into society. And then, the art of the deal, the idea that he’s a bad deal-maker.

MAHER: He is. 

Then she offered a "scoop" of sorts. “I talked to somebody from the Bloomberg campaign, they said they’re hiring an expert on narcissism and combining that — no, this is for real — and combining that person with a comedy writer to get in Donald Trump’s head.”

The crowd roared and clapped. Doesn't this sound like every Alec Baldwin impression and Colbert cartoon already going?

"When they go low, we go lower,” Couric joked. “Isn’t it a great country, everyone?!”

On screen, she was merely described as "Co-Founder, Stand Up to Cancer." Not as "Another Long-Standing Example of Partisan Journalism Posing as Nonpartisan."