MSNBC Cues Pro-Abort PAC Flack to Argue Warren's Fired-Teacher LIES 'Hold Water'

October 9th, 2019 1:14 PM

Paul Crookston at the Washington Free Beacon exposed just how fact-averse cable "news" networks can be when it comes to liberal darlings. On Tuesday's MSNBC Live, host Hallie Jackson addressed Elizabeth Warren's now-disproven claim that she was dismissed from a teacher job in 1971 for being pregnant. Jackson aired old video of Warren telling a much different story -- that she left voluntarily to stay home with her new baby. Jackson put on the communications director for EMILY's List, a PAC for "pro-choice Democratic women candidates," to explain away Warren's dishonesty on the campaign trail. 

The Free Beacon did the reporting, digging up county records that demonstrate that the board of education in Riverdale, New Jersey unanimously approved Warren to continue teaching before accepting her resignation with "regret." Warren, who did not return the Free Beacon's requests for comment, later told CBS News that she was "shown the door." She's been lying about this tale -- repeatedly. had the story.

As of now, the "independent fact-checkers" have yet to arrive on the scene.

This was the funniest line of EMILY's Bunk. "Women were not allowed to get a credit card without their husband's approval pretty recently," Reynolds claimed. Congress stopped 1974. "Pretty recently" is NOT 45 years ago.

HALLIE JACKSON: So the senator explains the discrepancy in those accounts by saying, 'Listen, in the decade-plus since I was sitting at UC-Berkeley, I've been able, and feel more comfortable opening up about my story and my life and my experiences. Does that hold water to you? 

CHRISTINA REYNOLDS: It does to me. I think, for one, there may be multiple reasons why she didn't come back to that job. But I think what's clear is we know, listen, women were not allowed to get a credit card without their husband's approval pretty recently. This is not a surprise. 

We've heard from at least one teacher in the area from where Elizabeth Warren was teaching at the time that pregnant women were asked not to come back. And so I think raising this issue is really important. It holds water to me that maybe that's not something she wanted to come out with initially. I think absolutely, I think we've asked a lot of women in the public eye to answer for things that weren't discussed very broadly and they're starting to be discussed more. That's the beauty in having multiple women running for president, is we can have these conversations. And so I'm glad she's having them and acknowledging that.

It should be pointed out that Reynolds wasn't only invited to shore up Elizabeth Warren from breaking controversy. Before that, Jackson asked her about a new Kamala Harris hubbub. Her husband Douglas Emhoff is a partner at the law firm DLA Piper, and a lawyer for a woman filing a sex assault claim against the firm wrote an open letter to Harris asking for her help in getting her client released from the firm’s mandatory arbitration rules so she can “get her day in court.”

"I think they've handled it exactly right," Reynolds said, noting Candidate Harris opposes forced arbitration, so it's "asked and answered" and we should "move on from it."  Apparently, all "pro-choice Democratic women candidates" should be free of controversy.