Hot Radio Talk: Mark Levin Brutally Cross-Examines a Trump-Bashing Psychiatrist

August 28th, 2019 10:07 PM

Chris Pandolfo at Conservative Review reports that Mark Levin booked an anti-Trump guest on his show, which doesn't happen often. Dr. Bandy X. Lee, half of a panel of lefty psychiatrists on last Sunday's Reliable Sources, consented to an interview, but her answers were very strange. 

Levin started at Square One on this source (at minute 39). Are you a Democrat? "I'm not." Did you vote for Hillary Clinton? "I did." Have you voted for a Republican? "Yes." Who was that? "I'd rather not say." When he asked if she was a liberal or conservative, she insisted "I'm a devout Christian...I believe in the founding principles of this nation, so I'm a great patriot." She didn't like this line of questioning. "I'm not a very political person." She even claimed "I actually don't know the exact meanings of the Bill of Rights."


All this is quite ridiculous. Her book The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump comes with dust-cover blurbs from Bill Moyers and Lawrence O'Donnell. After her Prologue in the book, she offers thanks for assistance to radical feminists Gloria Steinem and Robin Morgan among others. She writes of how her clique published their Trump attacks in The Huffington Post and The New York Times. All of this is a leftist enterprise. 

Levin asked Dr. Lee if she has ever met the president or spoken to him? “No.” She strangely claimed she based her evaluation on the Mueller Report....but the book originallly came out in October 2017, when Robert Mueller was just getting started. Then she told Levin her alarm at Trump's behavior began in early 2016, when watching Trump rallies on television. 

On page 82 and 83 of his book Unfreedom of the Press, Levin quoted Lee & Co. insisting in their book there was no hope for Trump, that "Collectively with our co-authors, we warn that anyone as mentally unstable as Mr. Trump should not be entrusted with the life-and-death powers of the presidency."

Yeah, and she's "not a very political person." 

Levin challenged her ability to offer an evaluation of the president without meeting or speaking to him. “You did no, obviously, scientific diagnosis, that’s not possible from a distance,” Levin said.

Lee responded by claiming that under certain conditions, psychiatrists can actually make a more accurate diagnosis of a patient without seeing or speaking to him.

“It’s been scientifically proven that for certain conditions, a diagnosis is more accurate from a distance, without a personal interview,” she replied.

But when Levin referred to her work as making a “distant diagnosis” of the president, she stressed that she has never made a diagnosis. “I have never diagnosed,” Lee insisted. “I’m not interested in diagnosing, I’m not interested in the personal mental health of Donald Trump. I am only interested in the public health effects.”

“Wait a minute, your book is full of allegations about the personal mental health of Donald Trump, and so are the essays,” Levin rebutted.

He said she was trying to have it both ways, on the one hand making claims about Trump’s mental health in her book and on the other refusing to say she’s diagnosed the president. “This is double-speak,” Levin said. “You don’t have a single scientific diagnosis from which you can analyze the mental health of the president of the United States, do you?”

Dr. Lee pulls this trick in the book, as well. It's called The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, and Lee claims "the main point of this book is not about Mr. Trump," but that "the ascendancy of an individual with such impairments speaks to our general state of health and well-being as a nation." The voters, in her vision, installed a mentally unstable individual, who should not be entrusted with presidential powers. 

“No offense, you sound like a palm reader,” Levin said. "Are you going to diagnose me from afar?"