On Fox, Levin RIPS Media on Anti-Semitism and 'The Squad', WashPost Tries to Rebut

July 19th, 2019 11:53 AM

The Washington Post seemed upset that President Trump and the White House Twitter account retweeted a blazing five-minute commentary that aired on Hannity on Thursday night, defending the president from all the media's "racist tweets" coverage and attacking "the Squad" of radical-left congresswomen as America-haters and anti-Semites. 



MARK LEVIN: President Trump was addressing the content, of the character of these four women, not the color of their skin. But the media want it to be otherwise. The media are projecting, and the media are insisting on the opposite, because they want the narrative of racism. He didn't talk about race. He didn't talk about skin color. He didn't talk about religion. He talked about them, the content or lack thereof of their character.

On the other hand, Omar, Tlaib, AOC, I don't know this Pressley that well. They are degrading an entire faith, an entire people -- Jews, Israelis, an entire country, Israel. So it shouldn't surprise anybody that their venom for America is same as their venom for Israel and vice versa, that's typical of the radical hard Left.

And the evidence is overwhelming that these women are anti-Semite bigots and they don't hide it. They don't hide it. The BDS movement, their constant references to Hitler and the Third Reich and concentration camps, they have no knowledge of history. They've never visited these sites.

Their families really have done nothing for this country. I'm going to be very blunt about it. I don't know what they've done in support of this country, while they rip this great country apart.

While we have men and women in uniform of all faiths and all colors in one hellhole after another all over the world trying to defend people and promote freedom, we have this fifth column in our country, and they're not alone, the media's a fifth column too, undermining us at home, while our brave men and women are fighting abroad. 

After noting how Trump has saved the lives of brown-skinned Muslim people with military action in Syria and Afghanistan, Levin talked about border control: 

LEVIN: We need to have a rational, humane process for immigration. It's the Democrats who first said, 10 years ago "secure the border," then called this a joke, a manufactured crisis.

Now they created the crisis. They created the lack of detention space. They created the lack of physical barriers. And now they blame the President who tried to prevent it. The media have allowed this to happen. They are a disgrace. They have a high tolerance for racism and anti- Semitism. Why? Because they are the mouthpiece for the Hard Left.

This President is not a racist. This president is a patriot.

In a "Morning Memo" blog, Washington Post writer Tim Elfrink attempted to rebut the commentary and talk down anti-Semitism as just some evasive pro-Trump talking point: 

Levin, employing a talking point often used by the president, instead homes in on claims of anti-Semitism against the congresswomen....

Omar has criticized the role of the Israeli lobby and apologized for suggesting that money motivates politicians to back Israel. Both she and Tlaib support the divisive BDS movement, for boycott, divestment and sanctions, which aims to economically pressure Israel to grant more rights to Palestinians. Ocasio-Cortez has also faced blowback for comparing U.S. Border Patrol detainment facilities to concentration camps.

Trump regularly cites those controversies in his relentless criticism of the women. Facing blowback over his racist tweets this week, he lashed out at Omar by claiming that she “hates Jews, hates Israel.” That message left some Jewish leaders, including the chief executive of the Anti-Defamation League, concerned that the president was using claims of anti-Semitism to mask his own intemperate remarks.

Elfrink did not note that ADL leader Jonathan Greenblatt worked in the Obama White House, so it's no surprise he's knocking Trump...or that the ADL has celebrated anti-Semitic Omar.