Breathless Trashing of Trump Memorial Day Tweets on 'The View'

Try to follow the internal logic of the Left on patriotism. On Tuesday, ABC’s The View devoted the first 15 minutes to denouncing tweets by President Trump and Ivanka Trump on Memorial Day weekend as “tone deaf” to the sacrifices of the war dead and their families. This came just days after the panel's liberal majority denounced the NFL for a new policy penalizing any kneeling during the national anthem...because it’s tone-deaf to the war dead and their families.

President Trump used the occasion to suggest the fallen would be pleased with the state of the economy and the military under Trump. 



WHOOPI GOLDBERG: He went on to brag about the economy, unemployment numbers and rebuilding the military. Now, lots of people, including veterans, kind of called it tone deaf.

JOY BEHAR:  Duh. First of all, Obama, it's you know -- Obama pulled the U.S out of the Great Recession and the economy has been steadily improving since. So he [Trump] can't really take credit for anything that he's done. [Applause] He also inherited low unemployment numbers from Obama. The unemployment rate for blacks and Hispanics declined dramatically under Obama.

It's not inaccurate for Trump to say black unemployment is at a record low, and Behar doesn't like it because he's citing that to say he's doing something for black Americans, not against them. The economy is improving -- and tweets like this may be the only way "news" people show this fact on screen -- as they vent outrage about it. 

Meghan McCain cited CNN host Jake Tapper’s tweeting names and pictures of the fallen over the weekend and agreed on Trump: “It was so tone deaf and so insulting to every veteran who died.”

Sunny Hostin complained “What is so odd to me is he calls himself sort of this law-and-order president and talks so much about his support of the military and, you know, never talks about the fact that he had these five deferments because of bone spurs in the knee, never served, but then does something like this that is so very tone deaf. He’s making Memorial Day a day about him, about fallen soldiers, when he was never a soldier.”

Joy Behar came back around. “This guy has no concept of what anybody did in any war… The narcissism in this man is palpable.” Whoopi Goldberg said the Trump tweet "makes me insane" because "we're still at war." This is an interesting stand, given that Whoopi just said war casualties under Trump are so low, school shootings are more deadly. 

Last Thursday, right before the Memorial Day weekend, The View’s Twitter account promoted a “Sunny Hostin Uninterrupted” video from last year where she took the strange line that kneeling as the flag flies and the national anthem plays isn’t about the flag or the anthem. According to Hostin, it also somehow wasn’t about the anthem when two radical black U.S. Olympians raised a gloved “Black Power” first as the anthem played during a medal ceremony at the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City.




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