On 'The View,' Samantha Bee Says Trump's 'Worse Than I Imagined,' 'Incoherent' and 'Mean-Spirited'

March 28th, 2018 1:13 PM

TBS Full Frontal host Samantha Bee appeared on The View on Wednesday to promote a new special on the hurricane aftermath in Puerto Rico. They asked about President Trump, and Bee said it turned out "worse than I imagined," more "incoherent" and "mean-spirited."

Guest co-host Anthony Scaramucci sat in for an ailing Meghan McCain and argued in favor of Trump accomplishments like the tax cut and defended Melania as a great person (the topic was should Melania dump the president?) But the Mooch was removed from the set when Sam Bee came on in the second half-hour. Whose idea was that? Can Bee not take the heat? It meant no one was there to laugh when she disliked the mean-spirited nature of politics. Her show could be called Mean-Spirited with Samantha Bee.

JOY BEHAR: So does the reality of the Trump administration match up to what you thought it was gonna be?

SAMANTHA BEE: For me, from my perspective, it's worse than I imagined. I can't -- [ applause] be much worse. Like I knew -- I had my own predictions but I didn't expect it to be this fast -- I didn't expect everything to happen at this pace. I didn't expect it to be as incoherent as I feel it to be. I didn't expect it to be as mean-spirited as I personally find it to be. Yeah, so, it's been a grave disappointment but --

SUNNY HOSTIN: Gives you a lot of material.

BEE: Well, I'd rather balance. I'd rather -- I prefer a slower-paced show and more --

BEHAR: Did you see one little silver lining at all?

BEE:  I will say that I'm happy to go out and witness people's engagement with politics actually.


BEE: That, I do think no matter what you believe it has actually pulled the blinders back, it’s exposed a lot of things that maybe we needed to look at for a really long time and people's level of engagement is very high. People are so political. I went to the [anti-gun] March over the weekend. It was amazing to see all these kids, you know, little kids. I mean –

HOSTIN:  Future voters.

BEE: I was not that engaged when I was 8 years old. I don't think I could speak to any issues. It is -- it makes me feel a sense of calm when I think about the future.

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: The future, yeah.

BEE: You know, if we have one! [Laughs nervously for comic effect]

HOSTIN: We do, we have one.

BEE: We have one.

This conversation began when they congratulated Bee for voting in America for the first time in 2016, although she has dual citizenship from Canada.

Speaking of incoherent and mean-spirited sentiments, Bee recently did a segment comparing the "brainwashed" members of the National Rifle Association to a cult -- to Scientology, in particular -- both were based on "delusions of grandeur," but the NRA was somehow much more evil.