WashPost Columnist Gene Weingarten Compares Unwanted Penis to Cleft Palate

March 25th, 2017 2:30 PM

Washington Post humor columnist Gene Weingarten demonstrated how far that liberals will go to defend self-mutilation by transgenders. Troubled by a penis? Weingarten compared healthy, functional body parts to a birth defect: "This is fixable. Because a child is born with a cleft palate, it doesn't mean he needs to go through life with a cleft palate."

This is was most of the question to Weingarten in one of his "Chatological Humor" online chats on Tuesday:

Q. I have never seen a clear explanation of why, when someone who is plainly, indisputably male or female says "I feel like I should be the other sex, cut here," that isn't a manifestation of a severe psychiatric disorder? If somebody says "I feel like I'm Napoleon," we don't buy him a uniform and start saluting. If he says "I feel like I can fly," we keep him away from high windows. This is different from spurning traditional social roles or expressing a sexual preference or adopting an "alternative lifestyle."

This isn't like a man wearing dresses just because he wants to. This could be a variant of body dysmorphic disorder or body integrity identity disorder, recognized illnesses in which patients irrationally loathe parts of their bodies, even to the point of self-mutilation. I honestly don't care if people who look like women use the women's room and people who look like men use the men's room without having to flash their birth certificates. But we don't get to choose our own physical world.

….When climate deniers reject scientific facts, we call them delusional. But when someone says "I think I'm in the wrong body," we're supposed to say "Great, just pick another one." What's really going on here?

Weingarten isn't completely indoctrinated in the LGBT ideology, and had to be nodding a bit at the "climate denier" argument, since he loves mocking the Christians who are somehow immune to science (He calls me "my favorite meathead.")

WEINGARTEN: This is well stated, and funny.   And I can't really argue that being transsexual is not a dysfunction; obviously, it creates a problem.  But here's where I think you go astray: This is fixable.  Because a child is born with a cleft palate, it doesn't mean he needs to go through life with a cleft palate.

Also, the degree of denial you postulate just isn't true of transsexual people.  No transsexual female says "I do not have a penis."  A transsexual female said "I have a penis but shouldn't."

It's a simple, important distinction, the difference between "I am Napoleon" and "I feel like Napoleon."

PS: In response to a man who seemed distraught and perplexed over a friend who voted for Donald Trump, Weingarten replied "I have come to believe that the 2016 election was the worst example of mass civic irresponsibility in American history. The secessions leading to the Civil War was second." He later added it was "A criminally irresponsible act."