CNN's Don Lemon, Unbiased? 'Sometimes...I Have to Bite My Tongue'

November 22nd, 2016 7:11 AM

The "Page Six" gossips at the New York Post caught up with CNN anchor Don Lemon, and suggested he can have trouble keeping his opinions to himself.

“Sometimes I want to say something, but I cannot say it on tape,” he said. “I have to bite my tongue.”

Most CNN watchers wonder when he is biting his tongue, because he's sharing his liberal opinion all over the place. It recalls the funny video from last year where MRCTV's Brittany Hughes pushed Lemon into denying naw, there's no liberal media bias:

This is how the Post account began:

CNN’s Don Lemon says that while “this has been a contentious election season, and people are fast and loose with the facts — if there are any,” the dramatic events have been a thankful boon for ratings.

“I was not surprised that Trump won . . . He had a very good chance of winning,” Lemon said in hindsight.

“But it is better for the news because the ratings will be better. There is so much controversy going on with it.”

That's probably too chipper for other media liberals who are still itching to protest in the streets and watching the popular-vote total. Lemon is especially biased on his most personal liberalism: defending the gay agenda, as in a Friday night segment on the boos and lectures when the vice president-elect went to Hamilton on Broadway:

“Can you imagine how that feels when Mike Pence, who has rallied and railed against gay people, and tried to shoot down and block gay legislation?” Lemon said before addressing the plea made to Pence “He’s saying, ‘I’m giving you a chance to give me a chance.'”

“Mike Pence loves all people and President-elect Donald Trump has already said he’s not going to roll back legislation," McEnany interrupted, leading Lemon to bluntly reply, “Mike Pence does not love gay people. His record shows that he does not love gay people.”

Oppose a liberal, and you hate people -- but that's not a biased assessment. That's....biting your tongue?