New York Times Helps Wage War on the Quakers In Transgender Dorm Struggle

July 27th, 2014 7:56 PM

In the same Friday New York Times in which “conservative firebrand” Dinesh D’Souza was dissected and a “conservative script” was honed to “light fire on abortion,” the social leftists pushing transgender issues were never identified as liberal or leftist. This time, the venue for gender delusion was a Quaker college in Oregon.

Forget the science. The dictatorship of relativism is bearing down.  A person's gender is utterly dependent on what they feel like being. A caption on Friday explained: “Jaycen, a George Fox University student who identifies as male, wants to live next year with a group of male friends; however, the college considers him a woman and turned down his request.”

“His university says he is a woman” was also the lament on the Times Twitter account:

Reporters Joshua Hunt and Richard Perez-Pena also painted it this way. The state of Oregon signed on the official gender inaccuracy, and Obama's Justice Department is investigating for discrimination, but the university is standing pat on housing students "by their anatomy," despite their willingness to respect Jaycen's desire for male pronouns:

NEWBERG, Ore. — A growing number of openly transgender students have forced schools around the country to address questions so basic that they were rarely asked just a few years ago, much less answered: What defines a person’s gender, and who gets to decide?

A small Christian college here, George Fox University, has become the latest front in this fight, refusing to recognize as male a student who was born anatomically female. The student calls himself a man, and as of April 11, when a state circuit court legally changed his sex, the State of Oregon agrees.

But George Fox University sees him as a woman, and it prohibits unwed students from living with anyone of the opposite sex.

Every gay activist and student in the story advocated for the leftist position without any ideological labeling. The new orthodoxy was explicitly preached:

“What we’ve learned in the few cases that have gone forward is that the only humane and consistent way to determine a person’s sex is based on their lived experience as male or female, that any other approach, whether anatomy or chromosomes, will discriminate against some people,” said Jennifer Levi, director of the Transgender Rights Project at Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders.

Now what if someone took this same argument and made it about race? As in: I was "assigned whiteness" at birth, but I feel like I should be black based on my "lived experience" pretending to be what I am not? Jaycen is supposedly more male because she's into "the video game Call to Duty and listening to R&B and hip hop." Could it be discriminatory not to allow people who "identify as black" into black colleges or affirmative action programs, as the "identify as women" advocates push their way into women's colleges?

The Times story dragged out the usual arguments from intimidation: transgenders attempt suicide nine times as often (so surrender or they die!) The transgender struggle because "the world at large remains fixated on what anatomical features they have subtracted or added, not on how they identify themselves." Jaycen -- no last name provided "because he has been harassed and threatened" -- offered some threats of her own, about the urge to sow the Quaker oats:

“Living in a female dorm means that each day, the first thoughts I have are about my struggles living in a body that never felt right to me,” he said. Living there while undergoing testosterone therapy has been a particular challenge.

“I’ve got the libido of a 14-year-old boy, and I’m living with a bunch of young women,” he said. “It’s not a good recipe for promoting the kind of behavior that a Christian university expects from its students.”

Horny Jaycen puts an "idealistic" end on the Times story:

"I want other transgender and L.G.B.T.Q. people to see they have a  place in faith-based education," he said. "The fact that I'm here is proof of that."

There's not one sliver of space in this politically correct story for the idea that the "LGBTQ" agenda is completely at odds with Christianity and other major global religions, and that to force this sinful agenda on religious institutions is a breach of religious liberty, which seems to be one of the Obama administration's goals.