ABC's Robin Roberts Discusses Pro-Gay God in People Magazine Cover Story

The current edition of People magazine has ABC Good Morning America co-anchor Robin Roberts on "How Love Saved Me: The Family, Friends & Relationship That Gave Her Strength." It also promised a look "Inside her coming-out journey." People's Sharon Cotliar didn't report on how Barack Obama gave Roberts strength (and "chills") by coming out for gay marriage in an interview with her in 2012.

But her lesbian lover Amber Laign is barely mentioned because she's a "very private person." In addition to her inspiring story of how she survived a bone marrow disease, late in the story, Roberts finds peace in a pro-gay God:

Ultimately it was her mother's words years ago that allowed Roberts to find real peace. While her mom had always been supportive of girlfriends she brought home, and they had an "understanding" about her sexuality, they didn't really talk about it.

Then, several years ago, "she sensed from me that I just needed to know it was okay with her. She said to me 'You are my child, and you're a child of God, and I love you."

Right then I didn't care who knew what. My mother loved me, and more importantly, she said to me, "God loves you because of who God is, not because of anything you did or didn't do."

The story also features supportive testimony from her co-anchor George Stephanopoulos ("She is the heart of GMA, the emotional center of the show") and her friend Gayle King, co-host on CBS This Morning ("She looks better than she's ever looked").

The large text box is also Gayle King: "the core of who she is hasn't changed. She's been confident in her skin, it's just now more people are watching."

She's "recently signed a reported $14 million contract," although it doesn't say over how many years. It's enough to put her in the dreaded One Percent.

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