Nicolas Cage Feels Bill Clinton's Pain: 'Sucks to Be Famous'

Variety reports that actor Nicolas Cage became a bit whiny at the South by Southwest festival in Texas: “I'm not complaining, but it really sucks to be famous right now.”

It’s unfair that film critics mention the personal problems of actors in movie reviews – just like it’s unfair to mention a president’s affair with an intern – as if it had nothing to do with his work life (or his testimony under oath for sexual harassment):

Now even the art of film criticism... now in the LA Times, the critic who reviewed "Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans," incorporated how many homes I bought or sold into the review. What the hell does Lindsay Lohan's personal life have to do with her performance in "The Canyons"? It should always be about the work itself. What difference does it make if Bill Clinton had an affair -- how does that affect his performance as President?

In my opinion, I don't want to see personal aspects of someone's life eclipse the work itself.

Earth to Cage: the presidency is not a make-believe role. It's a job. When the chief executive walks into a courtroom and lies under oath about having sexual relations with an intern -- in an investigation that came about because he was accused of sexual harassment in dropping his drawers on a state employee in Arkansas and asking her to "kiss it" -- that's not a movie. That's real life.

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