Mark Levin Attacks Chris Matthews As 'Deranged Moron' for Comparing Mandela's Oppression to Obama's

Mark Levin laid into Chris Matthews on his national radio show Friday night over the MSNBC host oozing on Now with Alex Wagner that South African F.W. deKlerk was more patriotic than Republicans because he "had treated Nelson Mandela so different than the way Mitch McConnell handled the election of Obama." Sharpton hailed the wisdom of Al Sharpton for saying the wisest thing in five years.

"The big dummy hasn’t heard something as smart in five years as something that came out of Reverend Al Sharpton’s mouth," shot back Levin. "Does that show you what a moron he is?" Levin couldn't stand the way media figures are trying to compare Obama to Mandela and the Republicans to apartheid-era racists:

LEVIN: This is one sick SOB. Tell me, you little puke. Tell me. When Ronald Reagan was elected, you and your left-wing kooks in the House of Representatives, you tried to destroy him. You tried to destroy Nixon, you try to destroy every Republican president. Your suggestion here is way off base. Let me be as clear as I know how: Barack Obama is no Nelson Mandela.  He didn’t go through what Mandela went through in any way.

In many respects, Barack Obama was a spoiled kid. He went to excellent schools. He went to Ivy League schools. Nobody bothered Barack Obama. Nobody obstructed Barack Obama from whatever he wanted to achieve. And a quick election to the U.S. Senate after taking down a Republican there through dirty tricks, getting his divorce records unsealed in California. Really, his ascendancy to the presidency, really is something that has been seen in modern times, it was so quick, and given his background with the radical left – I mean radical, radical nutjobs in this country – it’s amazing he was elected president, not because of his race, but because of his radicalism.

Barack Obama hasn’t suffered anything to get to where he is today. Nothing! And it is the job of the other party, and certainly conservatives in this country, to preserve this republic. When Barack Obama talks about redistributing wealth, when he defies the Constitution, when he attacks the private sector, when he talks about fundementally transforming America, it is the job of the Republican Party and conservatives all over this country to save our liberty, to preserve it.

Do you want to see how a black man is mistreated in this country? Then go back and look at the hearings against Clarence Thomas [in 1991], and play them and look at them as white well-to-do liberals tried to destroy that man in ways that I have never seen! Barack Obama never went through that!

Levin concluded: This clown, Chris Matthews, he doesn’t understand this country, he doesn’t understand our system, he doesn’t understand our Constitution. He is truly a deranged moron!”

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