George Clooney Ably Moves From Obama Suckup to Hillary Suckup

Movie star George Clooney is able moving from Obama Suckup to Hillary Suckup. According to a Marc Malkin report at NBCNews,com, Clooney is repeating after Andrea Mitchell that Hillary is inevitable in the 2016 presidential race.

“I think she'd be very tough to beat now," Clooney declared at an awards show at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. And since Hollywood is bigger on winning than on ethics, the attitude is scandal, schmandal (who’s ever heard of Benghazi?):

"And you know, all of the things that people thought of her as polarizing in 2008, don't exist at all (anymore)...I think there's one last glass ceiling to be broken and I think she could do a great job with it," Clooney added.

Malkin seemed a little slow, asking “So can Clinton count on Clooney's vote?” Clooney replied “Of course!”

Clooney's pal Julia Roberts shares the feeling. "I had interviewed Hillary Clinton [for Oprah’s OWN network], who has become a personal hero to me—who she is and her convictions as a woman and mother and a humanitarian," she told the magazine Marie Claire. "She let me sit in on a meeting as a fly on the wall, but I'm a person who can't not say anything for too long.”

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