Katie Couric Would Love to Interview the 'Surprisingly Forward Thinking' Pope

Katie Couric sat for the softest of softball interviews for Gotham magazine  -- with her pal Sheryl Crow. (The pop star wrote her talk show's theme song.)

Crow asked who she'd really love to interview:  "Who is the ultimate get for you, and why?" Couric replied, "Kate Middleton because she’s so enigmatic; the Pope because he’s been surprisingly forward thinking and outspoken; and I would love to interview Harper Lee." She also offered thoughts on New York City's next mayor:

CROW: Thoughts on the city post-Bloomberg?

COURIC: The next mayor needs to recognize that this is a huge melting pot of ethnicities and socioeconomic levels and create opportunities for everyone.

What a beauty-pageant answer.

When Crow asked "What’s your proudest achievement career wise?" Couric said "I think helping to bring the Today show to number one and keeping it there. I was very involved with it behind the scenes. I wanted it to have intelligence and a sense of fun. I think helping to drive that ship as long as I did... I’m really proud of that."

Couric brought the intelligence? She didn't mean the time when she asked Sen. Bob Graham about his stage instructions to himself -- laughable stage instructions like "Ascend stage, stumble, regain balance" -- when it was a fake, a  Washington Post satire.

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