Vile Bill Maher Imagines Tea Party Wives Picture Ted Cruz During Sex

On the "Headlines" on his web page, HBO “Real Time” host Bill Maher reports that for his upcoming show in Springfield, Massachusetts, “the Massachusetts Democratic Party has a limited number of tickets available.”

Because Democrats love it when Maher goes on Twitter with vile thoughts like how Tea Party wives think of Rand Paul or Ted Cruz “when their husband is humping them”:

It might remind some Maher fans and foes of his rougher talk on HBO that Sarah Palin would er, "hump" Rick Perry...if he was black.

In the Springfield Republican newspaper, writer George Lenker was granted a Maher interview and asserted "whether you agree with him or not, you have to admit his views are at very least well informed." Maher then asserted that conservatives were complete lunkheads:

The difference between the government shutdown in the 90s – and even just Republicans in the 1990s – is all based on where they now get their information. Now they just live in this bubble of FOX News and Matt Drudge and Rush Limbaugh and a thousand books by Ann Coulter and chain emails from their Uncle Cletus. No oxygen gets into that bubble. It's sealed tight. It's like one of those airlocks in science-fiction ships. It's like, once the alien gets into the airlock you have to abandon ship. They just don't get good information.

And even sadder is that their Congress people don't even get good information. There's that Ted Yoho guy – and he's not the only one – who actually thinks defaulting on the debt would be a good thing for the market. But those people vote for people who think like them. They think that Ted Yoho being a moron and a hostage taker is a good thing.

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