WashPost Celebrates How Shutdown Ended With 'Muffins From Joe' Biden

On Thursday, we noted The Washington Post's Express tabloid for commuters taunted Republicans for losing, with an elephant waving a white flag.

On Friday came a Democratic analog of sorts. The headline for federal employees was "Welcome Back!" and rejoiced with this text: "Federal workers return from the shutdown to full inboxes, back-to-back meetings, and muffins from Joe." That illustrates a photo of Vice President Joe Biden with muffins, being cheered by EPA employees.

On page 10, Post reporters Dana Hedgpeth, Luz Lazo, and Michael Ruane explained "Near Federal Triangle, Vice President Joe Biden provided the breakfast pastries, as well as handshakes and hugs, to workers returning to their jobs at the Environmental Protection Agency."

Notice, it was just plain "muffins from Joe," every Postie's good buddy. The "Biden" is apparently redundant:


And once again, the GOP-taunting cover image from the day before:

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