WashPost Promotes 'Five Myths About Jesus' by Muslim Author-Fibber Reza Aslan

September 29th, 2013 2:03 PM

The Washington Post said happy Sunday to Christians with an article titled “Five Myths About Jesus” by Muslim author Reza Aslan. First question: How likely is the Post to run a feature by Aslan or anyone else titled “Five Myths About Muhammad”? Or “Five Uncomfortable Truths About Muhammad”?

The second question is: Couldn’t the Post have published the article “Five Myths on Reza Aslan’s Resume?” The Post exposed his lies to a Fox News reporter.  This Post favor to Aslan seems odd since almost two months ago, their Sunday book review by liberal Stephen Prothero panned his book “Zealot”:

"Aslan is more a storyteller here than a historian" who doesn't bring "much new here other than [his] slick writing and cinematic sensibilities," Prothero wrote. He added that Aslan seemed to be recasting Jesus in Muslim terms: “Jesus was a frustrated Muhammad — a man who, like Islam’s founder, came to revolutionize the world by force yet, unlike Muhammad, failed. This makes for a good read. It might even make for a good movie. Just don’t tell me it’s true.”

I’d agree with “Egregious Twaddle” blogger Joanne McPortland:  “The WaPo piece is well-planned continuing book marketing, but the 5 myths are neither myths nor challenging, unless by some weird twist of fate you have never in your life heard of this Jesus guy and are wondering what the tizzy is about.”

The Post seemed to be pandering to their unbeliever readers, delighted like this scholar at Gawker, who concluded: “Know what else is holy? My butt.”