Via MRCTV: Cornel West Flirts With 9-11 Truthers at 'Million Muslim March'

MRCTV's Dan Joseph attended the very sparsely attended "Million Muslim March" on the mall in Washington on September 11 and found most of the people there were 9-11 truthers. Left-wing professor (and alongside Tavis Smiley, public radio talk show co-host) Cornel West was there, so Joseph asked him, "Do you believe personally that it was Muslims that attacked us on 9/11?"

West replied, "That’s a good question." Joseph shot back, "But not a hard question." West then proceeded to play around with being "open to conversation" about alternate theories of who killed all those Americans (video below): 


CORNEL WEST: From what I see, that certainly when Osama bin Laden said he did it, and had connections, then that provides some evidence. But I’m also open to conversation –

DAN JOSEPH: Open to other [theories]? --

WEST: Absolutely.

JOSEPH: Who else do you think would have had an incentive to do something like that?

WEST: I just don’t know.

West seems to backtrack from the Toure side of the debate pretty quickly. Why would he even flirt, just to be courteous to the other radicals who invited him?

WEST: It’s a good question, I  think bin Laden had something to do with it.

JOSEPH: Something to do with it.

WEST: Oh yeah.

Most of Dan's interviewees didn't believe Muslims had anything to do with September 11, 2001. So why was the event so sparsely attended? "There's a lot of fear, between the federal government and between the police," said organizer Chris Phillips.

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