WashPost Hypes Latino Leftist 'Rock Star' in the House, Univision Anchor Puts Him on 'Right Side of History'

August 8th, 2013 11:23 AM

The Washington Post’s Ed O’Keefe awarded the “rock star” label to amnesty-advocating Rep. Luis Gutierrez on the front of Thursday’s Style section: “From California to Nevada to Florida, the congressman from Chicago is received like a rock star: People cheer when he enters the room; they pump their fists and stomp their feet. And when he’s finished speaking, they press forward to get close to him, tugging at his shirt and refusing to leave until he agrees to have his photo taken with them.”

Then O’Keefe touts how is a star of Spanish-language media in America, and Univision anchor Jorge Ramos drags out the “right side of history” braggadocio:

[Gutierrez] has been a ubiquitous presence on the national Spanish-language newscasts of Univision and Telemundo, mostly talking about the need for immigration reform. That history has given him outsize influence on the debate among some of the people most directly affected by the issue

“There are only a few names that are familiar to most Hispanic families, and Luis Gutierrez is one of them,” said Jorge Ramos, who anchors Univision’s nightly newscast, “Noticiero Univision,” and its Sunday public affairs show, “Al Punto.” (Which means “To the Point.”)

Ramos said Gutierrez can draw a crowd “not just because he’s always on, but because he’s on the right side of history, or he’s on the side of Latinos and undocumented immigrants.”

O’Keefe and The Post had no time or space for people on the opposing side of “undocumented” Gutierrez backers. He sold Gutierrez as heavily in demand with Univision (aligned with ABC), Telemundo (owned by NBC), and CNN En Espanol. “Gutierrez says that both political parties are only now beginning to understand how Spanish-language media can shape public opinion,” he reported.

Left unasked? When Univision anchors are talking about the Left being on the “right side of history,” are the Spanish-language media incredibly biased against opponents of amnesty bills? Doesn't the "wrong side of history" get any air time?

Republicans only came into the story as Gutierrez boasted he could get 40 to 50 House Republicans to vote for amnesty if the Senate bill came to the House floor. But if he was such a “rock star,” why couldn’t he get Obama to push an immigration bill when Democrats controlled both houses of Congress? And why hasn’t he had success in the two years after that?

Apparently, a Gutierrez-boosting media can only accomplish so much.