MSNBC's Tamron Hall Is Moonlighting as an Obama Education Department Publicist

In 2005, USA Today uncovered the scandal that black columnist Armstrong Williams was paid to promote Bush’s Education Department initiatives. In 2013, it’s never a scandal when MSNBC anchors promote Obama’s Education Department initiatives. It’s another Great Leap Forward for government-media synchronicity.

Today at 4 pm, after her daily on-air hour is up, MSNBC anchor Tamron Hall is serving as moderator of a Google-Plus “hangout” at Howard University for the Education Department on “A Legacy of Excellence: Celebrating African American Teachers in our Classrooms.”

Hall's guests are Jim Shelton, Assistant Deputy Education Secretary for Innovation and Improvement and David Johns, executive director of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans. The event is being held in observance of Teacher Appreciation week, May 6-10. Team Obama is upset there aren't enough minority teachers -- and especially black male teachers -- to serve as role models:

Nationwide, more than 35 percent of public school students are African American or Hispanic, but less than 15 percent of teachers are Black or Latino, and less than 2 percent of our nation’s teachers are African American males. The Obama Administration is committed to narrowing the achievement gap by ensuring that minority and low-income students are able to learn from a highly effective teacher.

Now imagine the media shrieking of propaganda if a Fox News anchor had moderated a Bush event of this caliber. There's a definite double standard.

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