Fort What? Politico Asserts Obama 'No Longer Has an Unblemished Record' on Stopping Domestic Terrorism

April 20th, 2013 7:39 AM

Add Anna Palmer and her blinkered editors at Politico to this week's outbreak of Fort Hood amnesia. In a piece on how the Boston bombings would affect the political scene, she asked, "Where does this leave Obama’s record on terror?" She answered herself: "President Barack Obama no longer has an unblemished record in stopping domestic terrorism."

To the Obama voters at Politico it all begins and ends at Zero Dark Thirty, and no one there can seem to have the memory of a certain terrorist mass shooting that killed 13 and wounded 30:

"He ran for re-election as the commander in chief who took out Osama bin Laden, but now finds himself in a similar place as his predecessor after 9/11: Having failed to stop a domestic attack."

Having an "unblemished record" also seems to ignore Obama's luck with the Underwear Bomber over Detroit and Faisal Shahzad's failed van bomb in Times Square. Insert grave doubts they would award Bush an "unblemished record" by ignoring attacks the president didn't actually stop.

This line also lays blame for 9/11 on Bush without offering any credit for his record on stopping domestic terrorism after 9/11.

Palmer also displayed smaller signs of bias, like describing liberals merely as "immigration reform activists" and "gun control supporters," and describing conservatives as "anti-immigration." She wrote "several prominent anti-immigration voices linked the Boston events to the immigration bill, including Laura Ingraham and Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa)."