Correction: CNN Did More Than 'One Sentence' On Gosnell -- They Offered 24 Seconds

CNN host Jake Tapper is announcing he’ll be discussing the Kermit Gosnell trial today on “The Lead.” But earlier, he got angry with a Twitter critic, insisting “that ‘one sentence’ nonsense from Media Research Council is false. We covered it before + we will cover it again.”

I gave Brent Bozell the claim that Tapper only did “one sentence,” and I was wrong (sort of like messing up “Media Research Center”). On March 21, Tapper gave it a brief five-sentence report, 76 words in all. That’s better than everyone else at CNN and the Big Three. But our Matt Hadro reports CNN has given Brad Paisley’s song “Accidental Racist” more than 18 minutes of coverage, compared to CNN’s 24 seconds so far this year on Gosnell:

TAPPER: One by one, witnesses are sharing horror stories in the trial of a Philadelphia abortion provider. The evidence in the case is so gruesome some jurors have been seen covering their mouths. Former Dr. Kermit Gosnell is charged with killing seven late-term babies that were born alive. And he's also accused of performing a botched abortion that killed a patient. Gosnell has pleaded not guilty and his lawyer insists none of the babies were born alive.

I apologize to Jake for messing that up, and we all hope that CNN takes up his example and covers this horror story in all the depth it deserves.

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