Gay Radio Host: Gay Son Must Reject Conservative Dad

On The Huffington Post, gay radio host Michelangelo Signorile -- last mentioned here when he told a pro-Romney caller to his show to buy arsenic and drink it -- is angry at the son of Rep. Matt Salmon (R-Ariz.). Salmon must either cave and support the LGBT agenda, or the son must reject  his father for being "selfish" and remaining conservative.

All parents should "reconcile their faith" with the LGBT agenda, or be cut off:

Fortunately, my own parents, like millions across the country and around the world, including, most recently, Sen. Rob Portman  (R-Ohio), came around after their initial shock and reconciled their support for me with their faith. How do such parents do it? Often by actually drawing on that faith itself. They realize that their children's well-being is paramount. Raising children is a life-changing, transformational experience in which people are challenged in so many areas to rethink deep-seated beliefs. And this is one of them.

Gay leftists are so anti-religious that they never consider that a religious parent of a child who announces they are homosexual sees that as a dire threat to their salvation, a spiritual harm. It always has to be painted as hate defeating love, a clinging to selfishness, instead of differing ideas about what love is.

Homosexuality is so sacred and central to the gay activist that it can't just be a smaller subject for them -- just as it would be difficult for a seriously orthodox believer. Parents and children can disagree about any number of things once the children become adults. The children could choose a different political party, a different sports allegiance, even a different religious faith. Signorile wouldn't suggest those are subjects for ostracism. Homosexuality is different:

Another caller said that his family has never accepted the fact that he's gay but still professes to love him, but now that he's getting married to his partner in New York, the family has said that they just cannot attend the wedding. He's now contemplating cutting them off completely, and, as painful as that may be, it is something that he absolutely must do. His parents have been enabled in their bigotry and coddled in their bias, not challenged to grow. His parents may never change, and they may stew in their selfishness for the rest of their lives, sadly. But he realizes that the only way that they're going to change now is if he makes the issue much more uncomfortable for them. And he knows that if they don't change, he just can't continue to live in that humiliating way.

Matt R. Salmon is nowhere near that point right now. In an interview with Michael Lavers in the Washington Blade, Salmon, who headed the Arizona chapter of the Log Cabin Republicans, defended his father against what he called an "incredibly intolerant" response from the LGBT community. "My father loves me very much and he supports me and he respects me," he said, almost seeming to be trying to convince himself.

The sappy media stories paint the Salmons as a loving family where even "differences" over gay marriage can't come between them. The congressman is being enabled, allowed to comfortably advocate against equal rights for his child and everyone like him while claiming to love him. Young Matt can't allow that to stand, for his own well-being. And the rest of us, too, can't allow it to stand if we're truly intent on attaining full civil rights for LGBT people.

The son told the Blade he thinks his dad will "evolve," and even the congressman used that lingo: "I haven't evolved to that stage." It's just Signorile's style to advocate the social arsenic for Dad instead of waiting for the supposedly "inevitable" conversion.

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