ABC Repeatedly Celebrates Gay 'Marriage' of Weatherman Sam Champion

ABC News repeatedly celebrated weatherman Sam Champion's gay "marriage" to Rubem Robierb from Friday through Monday. On Monday's "Good Morning America," entertainment reporter Lara Spencer relayed: "We have so many stories to tell you this morning, including the surprising story of this woman. She is accused of being, we're not making this up, too sexy for her job. Her boss said she was too distracting and was actually threatening his marriage. But that's where the outrage begins -- because she's the one who lost her job, not him."

Then she turned to Champion: "Yeah, it's controversial, indeed, but this isn't. We have such great news to share with everybody, the best news of all. Sam Champion, everybody, getting married over the weekend." No one in America opposes gay marriage, apparently.

New York judge George Silver performed the ceremony, which lasted about ten minutes. Spencer attended, and had to add: "I will tell you, one of my favorite gifts of the year, being there when Sam and Rubem got married on Friday night...Just a beautiful moment. Beautiful. There's a shot. It was very intimate, very special, very heartfelt."

Sam and Rubem were also honored on ABC's World News on Saturday night:

DAN HARRIS, weekend anchor: And now to our picture, and it's of our friend and colleague Sam Champion saying I do. Sam and his longtime partner, Rubem Robierb, who is an artist, were married last night in a small, private ceremony at Sam's apartment here in Manhattan. The newlyweds were joined by Sam's close friends from Good Morning America, Lara Spencer, Josh Elliott and Robin Roberts, who is still recovering, as you know, from her bone marrow transplant. Big congratulations to Sam and Rubem tonight.

On Friday morning before the event, the praise bottle was already opened:

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS:  Sam, it must be great. You know, this started to flow out over Twitter over the weekend, to feel all that love coming in from all over the world.

SAM CHAMPION: I felt like we lived in a small town, and I was born in Paducah, Kentucky, and to me that's exactly what it felt like. We walked out on the street and everyone was like, "Hey, congratulations," because we didn't know that it had gone everywhere. And we're like, "Hi, thank you." But, I mean, everybody, the nicest things. And thank you guys for the tweets and the Facebook and the just coming up on the street and saying the most wonderful things.

Here's the video:

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