Roland Martin: Dubya 'Too Toxic' for GOP Convention, Bill Clinton Is Democrat 'Statesman'

September 10th, 2012 10:41 PM

CNN analyst Roland Martin and MSNBC analyst Joan Walsh both adored the Democrat convention on Martin’s Sunday show Washington Watch on TV One. “I was even stunned, frankly, that the Democrats for the first time truly — truly outshined the Republicans when it came to foreign policy and the military,” claimed Martin.

Martin insisted the Republicans had no former president of “stature” for their convention, since George W. Bush is “too toxic,” but somehow, Bill Clinton is not. He fulfills the “statesman role” for the Dems, who have never cared about his sexual immorality, including an accusation of sexual assault:

MARTIN: I do believe the Republicans really wish they had a living president who could come out and bring the stature to their convention.  Obviously, President George H.W. Bush [has] health concerns, [which is] why he’s not out there.  President George W. Bush – too toxic for the GOP.  There’s always something about having a living president from your party able to address your convention, to be able to bring that sort of statesman role.  And Bill Clin -- President Bill Clinton, I think, served it – served it very well when he spoke.

The lone "conservative" guest on the show, Armstrong Williams, generously agreed with the host about Clinton: "President Clinton did a very good job, as history will tell, navigating the economy, compromising with Republicans, passing welfare reform and balancing the budget.   You cannot ignore that.  He has credibility as a president."

Later, Martin boasted "The President’s likability numbers [are] far higher than Romney’s.  That plays a role in how people vote, because when it – when it comes down to – if you say, 'I think both of you are alike.  Who do I like the most?'"

Walsh replied; "Well – and also, 'Who cares about me?'  And that’s the other thing that polls have consistently shown – is that when people are asked that question – they may be worried about the economy.  They may not be entirely happy, but the specific question, 'Who cares about me?' 'Who empathizes with me?'  'Who will take care of me and my family?' – Barack Obama is off the charts."